Harper wants to make it harder for you to vote in 2015

Yesterday, MPs began debate on electoral bill C-23 tabled Tuesday in the House of Commons. The sweeping 247-page “Fair Elections Act” is a calculated overhaul of Canada’s voting laws and would, among other things, increase donation limits to political parties, exempt some fundraising from campaign spending, and establish a robocall registry. Canada’s chief electoral officer Marc Maynard was not consulted on the bill that would restructure his office, and his request that elections officials be able to compel testimony during investigation is absent from the new bill.

Canada’s Minister of State for Democratic Reform Pierre Poilievre has proclaimed that the Fair Elections Act would make it easier to vote, but the new provisions contained in this bill could instead prevent hundreds of thousands of Canadians from voting in 2015. What's more, some say new reforms may punish certain groups of people who are less likely to vote Conservative in the next election. 

Cracking down on "fraud”?

According to a Government of Canada press release, the Fair Elections Act would “crack down on voter fraud” by prohibiting the use of vouching, a process that allows a person to prove their residence in a riding in order to vote by having someone they know in the riding who is registered to vote sign a legal oath. It also prohibits the use of Voter Information Cards as identification. That means that to vote in 2015, you’ll need an approved government ID.

A government backgrounder on the bill says ominously: “Each time someone votes fraudulently, they cancel out the ballot of an honest voter…. That Fair Elections Act will protect the integrity of the vote by ending risky practices that are prone to errors and irregularities.” Poilievre goes so far as to call vouching “not safe”.

The impetus for the new rules are from a 2013 report commissioned by Elections Canada to review compliance of election day registration and voting process rules. The Neufeld report found “irregularities”, or administrative errors in 1.3 per cent of votes cast on election day -- meaning there were an average of 500 administrative errors per electoral district. The report made recommendations to Elections Canada for how to improve Canada’s voter services.

But the curious thing about the report’s findings is that they are completely at odds with the Fair Elections Act. 

The Neufeld report makes no recommendations to axe or change vouching and Voter Information Cards. It does not attribute any administrative errors or “irregularities” made on Election Day to the vouching process itself either. In fact, in no place does the report advocate that vouching be scrapped.

To combat voting day errors, Neufeld and his coauthors recommend Canada adopt an entirely new voting services model to address the challenges on Voting Day. As it’s clear that an administrative fix won’t solve everything, it recommends Elections Canada ensure that the 200,000 election officers recruited and trained each election receive better recruitment, screening, training and support to better do their jobs on Election Day.

The Harper government is implying the research supports this bill, but that's just not true. So why exactly are the Harper Conservatives actually trying to pass the Fair Elections Act?

Voter fraud is a problem 0.0000068 per cent of the time

Canada's neighbours to the south are no stranger to voter ID laws. Thirty-seven state legislatures in the United States have enacted tough voter ID laws for similar reasons -- to supposedly combat fraud and those who try allegedly to steal elections, and make elections more democratic.

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Voter Fraud!

Did we forget about the robo calls?  Who is the real fraudster?  C'mon people, wake up!  Harper is not even legally our PM!!!

More "Wag the Dog" from the Conservative Cult

These fascists will will obviously gerrymander their dictatorship any which way they can. Rise up Canadians! Throw the bastards out!

I'm opposed to raising

I'm opposed to raising spending/contribution limits but as someone who in previous elections received 2 voter ID cards I'm sympathetic to taking them off the list of voter ID (after voting, I asked to speak to the chief poll officer and said "you might want to take this person off the voters list!", produced my ID (I normally go by my middle name) and said "both of these people are me" and handed her my extra card.

It is very easy to get on the voters' list twice - just check the box on your income tax return and file under a different form of your name than you are registered to vote as.

It's inappropriate for people to speculate on how certain groups (like those without Government ID) might vote and it is even more inappropriate to say First Nations people are more likely to be without ID since the Certificate of Indian Status card is universal among the FN community. If ANY group has government-issued ID it's surely them!

voter fraud -

using any information from the usa electoral system to discuss - oppose - substantiate - or otherwise show or cast any sort of comparison toward canadian electoral systems is plain ridiculous on every possible level - the systems share absolutely nothing in common - repeat - the systems share absolutely nothing in common - the process - the result - the method - the design - indeed the only thing shared is that both are called elections - 

and both share an unrighteous cloak draped upon by the media - that cloak has the word democracy stamped on the back - neither are a democracy - canada is a Monarchy which utilizes a process similar to democratic elections (in which all persons eligible may vote) to fill seats in a parliamentary system of governance (which is the same process that is used in Russia and china to fill the Politburo) -

the usa is a republic - which is a designed system of law which is supposed to keep the government in check and off the coat tails and backs of the people - especially giving rights to those accused of crimes against his society -and the usa utilizes a complicated form of election which provides those eligible to vote the opportunity to select from among them selves or any other group a person who will continue to hold back government by up-holding the rule of law -- leaving the final decision for the head of state to an electoral college - which is almost the reverse of canada's old riding association way of voting where each riding association sent delegates to a national party convention and before they left the home base their vote was well known - 

if any country were a true democracy then every person regardless of any other factor would be eligible to vote - children - lunatics - criminals and all others deemed ineligible to vote by current criteria (at least in canada ) would be eligible for the right to vote -and in a true democracy if the majority voted to - do something ridiculous - like - um i dont know - like -- um abort the unborn children - then it would happen - by democratic rule -- instead - the rules in canada regarding that particular bit went to the Judiciary branch of the parliamentary system of governance because the executive branch always refused to act on it and because the legislative branch could not seem to write satisfactory laws that could be applied without challenge to the judicial branch - calling through advocates (lawyers) their oversight - and if the judicial arm became as incompetent as the other two arms then the real head of state would have to step in -- Hello -- Your Majesty --- Hello --- 

now regarding the fair elections act in canada - i look forward to reading the actual act once it makes its way into debate on the floor of the legislature - which is but one part of the tripartite governance we operate under - - 

so even if "Harper wants to make it harder for you to vote in 2015" he could not because the other three branches have to be on board with him - the executive - the judiciary and the monarch - it is a rare day indeed when all four want to play exactly the same way 

funny stuff

  Funny stuff how just because people vouched means they wont be able to get ID. There are multiple forms of gov ID, and if you can't be bothered to get one in the 4 years between election, 2 this time, then you are to lazy for anyone to give a damn about, since if you are that lazy, you are also to lazy to KNOW what you are voting about, beyond chimp voting for whoever someone told you to.

  Also love how they add New Arrivals to the lump. aka: Immigrants. If you don't have your citizenship yet, or are just a permanent resident, who could easily be vouched for, falsely, by the way, then you have no business voting anyway.

  Not that any of the parties have a platform really worthy of a vote anyway. Voting for the lesser evil is just another way of saying the Least Worst. Tinkering around the edges doesn't change the fact the lot of them are a bunch of self serving trough whores pretending to give a damn about us. Regardless of party.

oh yeah

  And using studies from the US about THEIR system, amounts to little more then pulling information out of your ass when you are trying to apply it to our system. Like the above post said. The only commonality they share is that they are elections.

  And if fraud is so rare, why do we get reports out of Quebec about the voting dead every election. And pets, don't forget the voting pets. They don't have the well deserved moniker of the most corrupt Province in Canada for nothing.

Harper Fraud

We all know who is the worst enemy of democracy in Canada today but he still pulls the strings on his puppets to pretend they are having a "debate".

What a sham.

Kick out this disaster at the next election.


Our first dictator

Never have we witnessed such a deplorable sinister bunch as the cons in Ottawa, this democracy is under real threat from greedy so called reformers. Vote strategically in next election for the strongest candidate that is not a con.

Harper Election Reform

This is a joke...  How exactly could anybody in Canada believe that Harper should be in charge of reforming the electoral system...  That's just a bad joke, right?  We should not let this pass, we should not even allow this crook to stay in office one more day..


Crime Minister Harper.

Stephen Harper is a criminal, surrounded by criminal, funded by criminals, employed by criminals.

In power illegally via election fraud, in power continually by gaming the system, abuse of office, conflict of interest, theft, fraud, embezzlement, and complicit in treason and war crimes.

Jail, repeal, severe audit.

End the corruption in Canadian politics.

Voter ID

Dear Canadians,

That Harper has gone public with one of the most cynical and and despotic voter suppression models of the US Tea Party crowd in this great country is the final straw.

I only hope the NDP will put the interests of the country ahead of their own goals and reach out to the Liberals on coalition plans to rid our country of this corporate shill once and for all!

Voter suppression ID law in Canada... pity! 

Voter suppression

We sit smugly by and watch voter suppression in the USA and say it could not happen in Canada, we are far too democratic. But here it is, Harper is using the playbook designed in the USA. Throw him out!

Electoral "fraud"

Ironic how the Harper Government wants to combat electoral fraud, when they are the ones who created the Robocall scandal.

What a crock.

Heave Steve 2015.

Vouching not safe?

I'd say the real unsafe act is voting these numbnuts back into office.

neocon eltists staying after 2015 ,scary thought

what a nightmare , Canada will never be the same again , harper has ruined this once great nation , no thanks to the neocons in Ottawa , Canadian corporations have basically helped destroy this planet , none of pm harpers legislation should even valid considering cons 2011 election win was a fraud , in just 7 years Canada has completely gone down the toilet , mass poverty , mass corporate destruction of the land and water ways ,  healthcare system is going to crash at the end of this year , harper does not care about Canadians at all , he is a traitor if he lets the healthcare system die , he has sold us down the river , there is no way this guy should be allowed to maintain power at all after 2015 , the people Canadians  are the one that matter , not a few corporate puppets .

Serial fraudsters.

Cons convicted of election fraud in 2006, with over $200k paid in fines, but not a single day of jail time for this major crime.

Cons convicted of election fraud in 2008, with Dean Del Maestro and Penashue charged.

Election fraud confirmed in 2011, with foreign newspapers calling the election "a sham" and "rigged"; CIMS database confirmed the source of the data used to perpetrate the fraud, which is encrypted, password-locked, access-logged, and access is restricted to high-ranking Cons only.


Denounce Harpler's reign as illegitimate.  Write your MP, sign the petition, get vocal, our rights are at stake.

Jail, repeal, severe audit.

Heil  Harper or rather Heil

Heil  Harper or rather Heil  Harphole !