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Pickton inquiry: "Erin Brockovich of Downtown Eastside" refuses to stay silent on missing women

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This is a real fighter that really needs to be recognized and heard by the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry.

sandra gagnon April 22nd 2012 | 5:17 PM

I agree fully that Bonnie will be able to testify at the public inquiry. time is of essence. time is running out.

Bonnie would be a good wittness she has tons of information that could help with this inquiry

when i get off her i will write a letter to the lawyers for wally oppal. i will beg.

Tara Sundberg April 26th 2012 | 12:12 PM
This article should be required reading for all Vancouver residents. This so-called inquiry has a mandate, and is failing to fulfil it. I have lived in Vancouver all my life, and am very deeply disturbed by the attitude the Police forces and RCMP of the Metro Vancoucver area seem to have towards the sex trade and violence against women in general. If you call 911 from a nice neighbourhood your neighbour might just get beat up by the cops "by mistake", if you are in the downtown eastside they seem to think you got what was coming to you. All the women who were murdered by Picton and his accomplices were somebody's daughter, mother or sister, and police and the laws are meant to protect us all, regardless of lifestyle choices. Bonnie Fournier is undoubtedly an "expert" and should be allowed to testify at the inquiry. Otherwise, due to the long list of other witnesses who have been refused the ability t testify, this legal exercise has been a total waste of time and taxpayer dollars