Tories may have broken 2011 election rules with US Republican campaigners in Ontario

U.S. directors from Front Porch Strategies worked “in the trenches” for Tory candidates in 2011, going door to door and openly campaigning for Conservative candidates, the firm's Canadian liason said.

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On April 20, a Twitter comment from the firm's account, @FPStrategies, announced, “Knocking doors for MP Rick Dykstra. People don't like liberals here!”

Although Front Porch has not been linked to any illegal phone calls or robocalls made in the last election, citizens in both Fantino and Dykstra's ridings have reported irregularities in the campaigns. Those allegations include reported misleading calls in Dykstra's riding (St. Catherines). Although Front Porch volunteered and made phone calls for Fantino in hopes of winning a contract, he did not hire them.

Under the Canada Elections Act section 331 (Non-interference by Foreigners), it is illegal for a non-resident to directly participate in election campaigns in Canada:

“No person who does not reside in Canada shall, during an election period, in any way induce electors to vote or refrain from voting or vote or refrain from voting for a particular candidate unless the person is (a) a Canadian citizen; or (b) a permanent resident.” 

If the violation was intentional, the offence carries a summary conviction, according to the Act

Dykstra, Fantino, or Parker did not reply to phone calls and emails from The Vancouver Observer. But the company's Canadian liaison responded that Wenzel and Parker's involvement was limited to campaign volunteering on only two days during the election.

“They were in Ontario for a day and a half (in April), for the purpose of acquiring new clients,” political consultant Jim Ross told the Vancouver Observer. “They knocked on doors for roughly an hour with Rick, traditional canvassing to identify support. While waiting for a delayed meeting they made roughly 30 minutes worth of phone calls for Minister Fantino, again to identify support.

“Other than teleforums, brief incidental volunteerism as described above over the course of a day and a half that was mostly spent trying to acquire new clients. There was no other involvement.”

Social media announcements from Front Porch Strategies suggest otherwise, however.

U.S. strategists "on the front lines" during Canada's election day

Front Porch is on the front lines as Conservatives are taking over Canadian Parliament!” Front Porch's Twitter feed stated on election day, May 2.

Ross insisted Wenzel and Parker were not in the country beyond their April 19-20 visit, despite the May 2 tweet about being on the “front lines.”

“It's not true. I'm not sure why anyone would have thought that,” Ross said. “We provided telephone town halls to 14 winning Conservative candidates in and preceding the 2011 election.

"We provided no unrelated services.”

All 14 Conservative campaigns that hired Front Porch Strategies – based in Columbus, Ohio – emerged winners in the election.

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And you believe them???

Well, their FB pages and website tell a lot more of the truth than they do - listen to them trying to back-pedalnow!  LOL - Of course they were here - of course that is the reason for them being here -  that's what they had on their webpage - not 'going to TO for a meeting' - of course they campaigned by knocking on doors and telephoning voters!!  Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out!  'Only for an hr and a half'???  Don't make me laugh!! And they are saying now they 'only' participated in 'town hall' type phone calls - WRONG!  This has been proven by another investigative journalist in the past.  Do some more digging and you will come up with a lot more on this 'group'......

Don't forget - it's the Repubnutz that schooled harpo in dirty politics - they know exactly what they did, and so does he!




If lies were silk strands, the Harercons could spin each Canadian a new silk suit, and have lots left over.

There are no 'Tories' anymore

The 'Conservatives' ARE the Republicans.

 The Tory party is long gone, Canada was taken in a coup by agents of a foreign power.

 It's time to call a spade a spade.

It does the people of Canada no service to keep calling the Republicans 'Tories' , or to refer to Republicanism as 'Western Populism' for that matter.


It's absolutely sickening to see what damage conservatism does to society. It's like organized crime has taken over the conservative party and the republican party down south. Not only are their policies backwards and anti human, their methods are illegal. And in Canada they are actually in power!!!! Wow. I mean WOW!

Harper's Treason

This is factual evidence that Harper is nothing more than a client of foreign interests running Canada on behalf of the most regressive fascist elements from south of the border.


I never saw The VO do any investigation into the likes of Avaaz or George Soros and their efforts to fund and staff opposition groups to Stephen Harper's Conservatives. These groups are well funded and well organized are are directly trying to influence Canadian sovereignty and Canadian elections. Similarly, where was your investigation into Michael Moore going on CBC during the 2004 general federal election and vociferously condemning the Conservatives and advising us not to vote for them on National Television?

And GOD FORBID we go with the simplest explanation for all of this, which is that FP employees were simply doing consulting work on how to improve the Tory Campaign, including monitoring tory operations, following along with them on door knocking to advise candidates on their 'sales pitch' or recommending new technologies (gee, they should really get VOIP phones here!)


But hey, anything for an anti-tory story, hey?

Naked Emporer

My friends, this Emporer (Harper) has no clothes!

His Tyrannacal Government has no legitimacy through fraud!

Time for a full public enquiry!


CPC   Criminal Party of Canada

Never Knew Michael Moore Was Canadian

In the 2008 election, American movie producer and left-winger Michael Moore flew to Canada and helped campaign, going door to door with some Liberal candidates. A complaint was filed with Elections Canada for a violation of the rule supposedly broken here, and the reply was no biggie, everyone move along

Of course they did, i've know

Of course they did, i've know this for awhile now.  Just look West, PR firms being hired & Americain style politico.


Harper trained to use attack ads by top Republican Campaigner

I'm not surprised; when I worked with the National Citizen's Coalition (as did Stephen Harper who went there to sulk after having a falling out with Preston Manning) we used a top Republican campaigner (Arthur J. Finkelstein) and it was here that Harper became acquainted with the type of attack advertising that Arthur was the master of if not originator of in U.S. politics. I wouldn't be surprised if Harper either used him for Conservative Party work or at least took what he learned from Arthur for Conservative Party attack ads.

Republican PR firms

I agree 100% with Thomas Corbett, when I attended the first reform party convention in Winnipeg they showed ad's used in the southern states and third world countries with lots of blood and violence. These ads work for small uneducated people and other dimwits who follow these fenatics without really investigating the facts. Harper gets his ideas right out the NAZI playbook, Tell the big lie and scare the peasants so the the loud mouth (stongman) wins. Truth, honour and good manners have no place in Fascist politics.

another example of Front Porch Strategies interference

My goodness, these people are involved in other areas too:

"Front Porch Wins Major Award for TeleForum"... April 2 2012

"Town Hall Event Helped Build Holocaust Monument in Canada"




Soros? Really?

mark wrote:

I never saw The VO do any investigation into the likes of Avaaz or George Soros and their efforts to fund and staff opposition groups to Stephen Harper's Conservatives.

That's because there's no particular evidence that they were, and certainly no evidence that the other parties had foreign nationals knocking on doors. Furthermore, it's not the opposition parties that have expressed "concern" about foreign influence in government; it's only the Conservatives, adding an additional touch of hypocrisy to what might otherwise be yet another simple violation of our election laws.


Harper's Republicans

We need to announce an amnesty for those who voted this misbegotten bunch into office. Based of course on them voting them out come next election. This has been more of an illness than a government