As NDP leader, Mulcair would continue Harper's war on drugs, Young Liberals say

The newly-elected federal NDP leader, Thomas Mulcair, would likely continue the Conservative Prime Minister's war on drugs, the Young Liberals of Canada claimed.  

When Global News reporter Tom Clark asked federal NDP leadership candidates on Sunday whether they would decriminalize or legalize marijuana,  Mulcair responded:

"No. I think that that would be a mistake. Because the information that we have right now is that the marijuana that's on the market is extremely potent and can actually cause mental illness." 

His comment to Clark differed somewhat from his remark earlier in the campaign, when he expressed his support for decriminalization, adding:

"I also support the party’s existing policy on further decriminalising the possession of marijuana for any use with the goal to eliminate the influence of organised crime on the production and distribution of marijuana. In order to make good on those policies, we first need to replace the Harper government with its wrong headed ideological approach to criminal issues. This is why party members should think about who is best positioned to beat the Conservatives in 2015."


Brian Topp (who came in second during the race), meanwhile, was in favour of decriminalization. British Columbia's Nathan Cullen described the war on drugs as "nothing but a failure," but was hesitant to express support for legalization of the drug, saying it may send the "wrong signal". 

 "The NDP will lose much support for (Mulcair's) policy," Young Liberals of Canada president Samuel Lavoie said. "They seem more concerned with emulating Mr. Harper by choosing another angry leader and now they are following in line with his crime agenda."

While former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien was among the first prominent Liberals to support the decriminalization of marijuana,  the federal Liberal party showed wide support for this in January, passing a resolution to legalize marijuana at the Liberal Biennal Convention in January.



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Prohibition Sucks - The End!

Want to know what a return to alcohol prohibition would look like? 

Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance, Feb, 2010: A 13 strong, heavily armed gang of illegal alcohol “bootleggers” kidnapped two members of a rival gang, tortured them, homosexually assaulted them, and then buried them alive.

Now add to that the problem of tainted booze:

In just one instance alone, in 2009, more than 100 people died after drinking toxic alcohol in the Indian state of Gujarat (India's only dry state) and another 200 victims were hospitalized. The Indian police raided 1,200 liquor dens and arrested more than 800 people as they searched for those responsible for the illegal alcohol.

NDP dupes.

I recently actuallly became a paying MEMBER of the NDP simply to help stop Harper's tyrannical rule.
 After hearing this insane position on marijuana I've just quit them in disgust.
I've just sent an email to Thomas Mulcair letting him know exactly that and that I am leaving and removing any support that I once had for the NDP and that I consider them nothing but another sell out party and I hope they remain an "also-ran" political party for no longer being a party of the people.

Screw the NDP.

(And no, I am not a pot smoker and am in my mid-50s).

A Failed Policy

The War on Drugs failed $1 Trillion ago!  This money could have been used for outreach programs to clean up the bad end of drug abuse by providing free HIV testing, free rehab, and clean needles.  Harmless drugs like marijuana could be legalized to help boost our damaged economy.  Cannabis can provide hemp for countless natural recourses and the tax revenue from sales alone would pull every state in our country out of the red!  Vote Teapot, PASS IT, and legalize it.  Voice you opinion with the movement and read more on my artist’s blog at 

War on Drugs

Just because that there are a tiny number of people who engage in the ILLEGAL activity of the marijuana trade, it doesn't mean that the action has failed.  We should keep on fighting the Mexican warlords.  We should keep on fighting to keep these illicit drugs off the hands of our children.  We have the right to stay clear from the awful marijuana smoke.  In fact, we should have tougher laws.  Put these b*****ds into jail and give them a lesson.


I will vote for any party that puts all these b*****ds in jails.  Bob Rae says he will vote for these b******ds.  I will no longer support the Liberals. 


F*** marijuana