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Snowden controversy: terrorism fears should never trump democratic freedoms

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video by Mac Boucher

As the Snowden controversy grows, people are divided over whether his disclosure of U.S. electronic surveillance programs was an act of 'treason' or a heroic defense of rights and freedoms. Sandy Garossino explains why secret surveillance in the name of fighting terror risks undermining the very democracy that governments are meant to protect. 

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Michael Mahoney June 19th 2013 | 3:15 PM

There is no controversy in any intelligent mind . Only sheep and fools think what he was did was wrong . 

Jeffrey Simpson June 20th 2013 | 11:11 AM

What an insightful interview. Thank you for saying so well what others need to know. Our ancestors fought hard and often for our freedoms. Don't let the 'fear factor' run our lives and get rid of those who would impinge upon our rights.  "Fear" is very good for the biz of weapon makers, et cetera and "greed" keeps the money rolling in.