Harper's mobs, oaths and long-term austerity plan

On the path "Stephen Harper has chosen for us."

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Through no accident, most of the newly unprotected waterways are found in land far from the 49th Parallel, lands where First Nations and Métis populations live, and where new pipeline construction and tar sands expansion were being promoted aggressively by the Harper government.

First Nations protests – widely supported by non-aboriginal Canadians – began almost immediately, and within weeks a new social movement had formed: Idle No More. Originating in Saskatchewan, it spread like wildfire across the country, and within months, around the world. Social media buzzed with affirmation of the new organization’s challenge of Stephen Harper’s assault on First Nations land, and on the environmental legacy of all Canadians.

One commentator on APTN (Aboriginal Peoples Television Network) described it as a “thorn in the side of all the First Nation peoples”. Attawapiskat First Nation Chief Theresa Spence was in the fourth day of a hunger strike against the bill on the day the Senate approved it. 

Almost the only aboriginal voice defending the new enactment was suspended Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau, now employed at the BareFax Gentleman's Club, an Ottawa strip joint. 

Peaceful but determined flash mobs, organized by Idle No More proponents and their many non-aboriginal supporters, sprang up everywhere.  

A similarly peaceful gathering of scientists outside the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa mourning the “Death of Evidence”. 

Death of Evidence rally in Ottawa

Repeated demonstrations outside National Energy Board hearings focussed on the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline. 


Underpinning and justifying all the message control, the anti-environmental laws, the anti-First Nations rulings, is Stephen Harper’s bedrock, his oft-repeated claim to political superiority: that he and his party are handling the economy better than anyone else. His government is spending record amounts of money advertising this claim. 

lThe Conservative Party is basing almost the entire future Canadian economy on fossil fuel extraction – Tar Sands oil, natural gas, and coal. This requires a) downplaying, denying or simply ignoring global warming, b) ignoring First Nations and others' concerns about destruction of the lands on which they live, and c) close or even seamless cooperation with the corporate sector.

Canada’s economy is growing, albeit slowly, almost entirely because of growth in the fossil fuels sector.  in part thanks to billions of dollars in subsidies to the associated industry players. 

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Harper's secret destructive agaenda

As long as most Canadians can't be bothered to object to Harper's anti-democratic agenda,  he can continue rewriting Canadian laws.   What democratic countries would allow their governments to make such destructive changes without a barely a peep.   What the hell Canada? 

To stop harper we must

To stop harper we must physically stand with our first nations brothers and sisters, anywhere and everywhere to protect and preserve what little harper has not bespoiled with his perverted agenda and we must do it now.

We need to get off his path...fast

I've been hoping that this frigid winter is the only reason Canadians haven't hit the streets. It seems like more people are slowly waking up over the last few months.  Let's hope so, because if we don't hit the streets and stand up for our rights and our country, we're going to lose them.

Economists Against Austerity

Re:  Petition supporting Economists Against Austerity

Recently a group of progressive economists spoke out against current federal government austerity policies.
In order to support them, I have started an on-line public petition. 

Would you take a minute to read it and if you agree, add your name?

The link is http://chn.ge/1fJAraF

Many thanks for your help!  

I had occasion to remember

I had occasion to remember your September letter to Canadian Geographic


when I heard the following item on Calgary CBC Eyeopener this morning-- about fossil corps invited to curriculum planning by Alberta Education Minister!  Other readers may be interested to know....

http://www.cbc.ca/eyeopener/Thursday March 13, 2014  Education Minister Jeff Johnson
“Education Minister Jeff Johnson explains why corporations like Syncrude and Cenovus [and also Chamber of Commerce] are being consulted as the province overhauls the K-12 curriculum.”    Yes starting with KG right on through!!

Thanks for documenting the realities that we are facing. 

Your closing lines from a previous article stand the test of time.


“The only option to all these developments is you and me, standing together. Ordinary citizens, sensing that our political leaders are not handling the priorities of the 21st century realistically, can join with our fellow citizens in the Occupy Movement, the Arab Spring, the Quebec students’ action, and most importantly in the wonderfully inspiring IdleNoMore movement, and compel our leaders to make better decisions.


 Time to stiffen our sinews and buckle down to work."


 Our children, and especially our grandchildren and great-grandchildren and on down the unborn generations, are depending on us.”



Election fraud in 2011 was confirmed.

Crime Minister Harper is in power illegally via election fraud, and is busily committing treason in every way he can dream up, in order to enrich himself and his corporate owners.

After he's done his damage, and been removed from office after far too long (because Mulcair played ball for years in spite of the fact that Harper routinely engaged in crimes, treason, illegal acts of war), Harper will flee to Kuwait or some other non-extradition country, and live out the rest of his life in posh corporate exile.

He'll likely get an Order of Canada, too.

Disgusting criminal Cons in power illegally via election fraud, as the CIMS database was confirmed to have been the source of the data used to perpetrate the fraud, the CIMS database is encrypted, password-secured, with an access log, and only accessible to high-ranking Cons, none of which have left power since 2011.

Ergo, Pierre Poutine is a high-ranking Con.

Jail, repeal, severe audit, with mandatory minimum sentences for crimes committed while In Office, or for those complicit therein, with harsh financial penalties for monies lost, stolen, or misappropriated, with assets and profits clawed back.

End  the corruption in Canadian politics.