Island Timberlands logs old-growth forests near Port Alberni

Three old-growth Douglas-fir stumps stand in a row freshly cut by Island Timberlands on McLaughlin Ridge near Port Alberni. Photo by TJ Watt.

Conservationists expressed alarm over a logging company's logging of rare old-growth Douglas Fir trees near Port Alberni. Island Timberlands had reportedly logged a hundred-metre wide section of old-growth trees in the previously intact part of McLaughlin Ridge's forest. 

The Port Alberni Watershed-Forest Alliance and Ancient Forest Alliance have urged the BC government -- which deregulated the land in 2004 -- to work toward conservation of McLaughlin Ridge and other endangered old-growth forests jeopardized by Island Timberlands.

“This magnificent old growth forest is being reduced to stumps, logs and huge amounts of waste that will most likely end up in massive burn piles," said Port Alberni Watershed Forest Alliance coordinator Jane Morden.

Jane Morden takes a closer look at ancient Douglas-fir logs recently logged by Island Timberlands on McLaughlin Ridge near Port Alberni. Photo by TJ Watt.

"Anyone who sees this area now will never be able to imagine the centuries old forest that once stood here, nor will the forest ever grow back the same. It is a tragic loss for not only the wildlife that depended on it, but also for future generations...What’s going on right now is a first rate environmental emergency in this province.”

Logging by Island Timberlands was also at the centre of controversy on Cortes Island, where protesters tried to block loggers' access to the island's forests.

“By all measures, McLaughlin Ridge is of the highest conservation priority...McLaughlin Ridge was supposed to be protected as part of the agreement to remove the lands from the Tree Farm Licence in 2004, but the BC government and Island Timberlands dropped the ball on the subsequent negotiations," said TJ Watt, Ancient Forest Alliance campaigner. “We need Island Timberlands to cease and desist immediately from their old-growth logging operations, and for the BC government to ensure a conservation solution for this endangered ancient forest.”

A few hundred hectares of endangered old growth forests and mature second-growth forests remain in the area, but activists worry they, too, may soon be cut down. McLaughlin Ridge has been recognized by the provincial government’s own biologists as one of the most important habitats for the red-listed Queen Charlotte Goshawk (an endangered bird of prey) and as one of the finest ungulate wintering ranges for coastal black-tailed deer on Vancouver Island.

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Destroying our forests

As soon as I heard Harper had made a trip to the Island?  I knew BC was going to lose our ancient forests. No doubt our forests will sail to Communist China non-stop. That evil monster Harper should be kicked off the planet. He can take the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals  with him, as well as the Chinese. Not even our Canadian National Parks are safe from  Harper's ugly greed. If we don't get rid of that evil fascist monster, there won't be  a country left.

Harper just bought the Chinese votes. all 413,000 in just Vancouver alone. There are another 45,000 more that want in. Harper bought the Jewish peoples votes, the Ukrainians votes. Harper gave the contract for the ship building in BC, to Poland, so those votes are bought too.

Then there is this? Electrical and Electronic Engineers. Canada is calling. Ashkiran Immigration Services, under the *Federal* scheme.

[email protected]   Just read the perks these India Engineers get? So now, Harper has bought all of the votes from the people of India

Jason Kenny lied in his face. He knew all about these foreigners taking our jobs. A fellow we know, has been applying for an Engineering job for over 6 months now. He applied for a resource job and gave a courtesy call a few days later. The H.R. said, there were over 4,000 applications for that one job. How does Kenny compute that, to a shortage of labor? He is every bit as evil as Harper is.

they will never stop

They won't stop cutting untill the island is all stumps and fancy resorts for rich asians and poloticians

Stop the logging of your precious old-growth trees!

How can the B.C. government be so short-sighted, stupid, and foolish to allow logging of your last remaining ancient forests on Vancouver Island?!   Don't the government leaders know the consequences of liquidating these incredibly valuable trees:  increased greenhouse gases, increased erosion and runoff, devastation of whole ecosystems, decreased tourism, loss of your natural heritage, and many more disastrous side-effects?  And for what--padding the pocketbooks of corporation executives and stockholders and providing relatively few jobs for mill workers?   Your government  leaders better start listening to and heeding the pleas from the dedicated folks at the Ancient Forest Alliance and so many other informed citizens of your province!

While the article itself is

While the article itself is an interesting read, the comment made by 'adanac' is so unbelievably disgusting, I'm shocked VanObserver would allow it to be posted. Racism and prejudice have no place here. 

Sad, know that 90% of old growth forest of Vancouver Island has already been logged. I guess Harper is coming back for the last 10%.


Leave the last big Old Growth on Van Island

The fallers need to tell there bosses to fu ck off ! And grow some balls and morals and do the right thing , not the only thing they always do which is there job for money ! And to think these petty fat ass pigs sit in there offices and trucks and   Plan aNd carry out the destruction of something thats so huge and important and beautiful and worthy  ! It is sickening ! I am a reformed heli logger and what is done out here by pathetic little money grubers is so backwards and like rats they eat themselves out of there own home.