BREAKING NEWS: Oil train carrying Canadian crude derails in Pennsylvania

Norfolk Southern Train Derailment Pennsylvania February 13, 2014
Canadian heavy crude train spill in western Pennsylvania - February 13, 2014

Yet another crude-oil train derailed today -- this time crashing in western Pennsylvania, only one kilometre from dozens of small town homes.

"We do have a lot of homes in close proximity.  It could've been very tragic," said Dan Stevens, a local public safety spokesman on Thursday.

"If it would've happened in a borough, we could've had a totally different situation."

A 120-car Norfolk Southern train carrying heavy Canadian crude oil derailed this morning near the town of Vandergrift, company officials confirmed Thursday.

A total of 21 train cars came off the track, including 19 crude oil cars, and two propane cars, a Pennsylvania municipal official told the Vancouver Observer.

Four cars leaked 11,000 - 15,000 litres of Canadian crude oil, according to Norfolk Southern.

There are no injuries reported.  The train also crashed into a local metals processing building, near the Kiskiminetas River.

Train officials declined to say where in Canada the oil originated.

“I just can’t release all the information about origins, destinations and customers,” said Susan Terpay with Norfolk Southern.

Canadian crude oil train car slams into metals building in Pennsylvania

The oil-by-trail derailment is just the latest in a string of accidents in North America in the last year.

Most dramatically, a train carrying Bakken oil from North Dakota last July exploded in Lac-Megantic, Quebec, killing 47 victims.

Closer to home, on Jan.11, seven cars of a 152-car coal train moving along CN Rail tracks through Burnaby derailed.

Oil by train is increasing in popularity, as oil companies struggle to get their product out of Alberta, with existing major pipelines.

Kinder Morgan's CEO Rich Kinder told analysts recently: 

“We’re primarily a pipeline company of course… but there are reasons why pipelines don’t satisfy everybody’s needs.  An outgrowth of that is obviously crude by rail," said Kinder, from Houston, Texas. 

Kinder Morgan and Imperial Oil are now building a crude-oil rail terminal in Edmonton, to load trains with up to 250,000 barrels per day.

Northfolk Southern train car derailed - 19 crude oil cars came off the track

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Train derailments

Instant messaging on oil train derailments and fighting the media releasing pipeline punctures, failures and explosions for years by the very agencies that are supposed to be protecting us.

Hemp, such a simple solution. Not

In the meantime,  the world will continue to need and produce petroleum products, irregardless of it being Canadian, American or Saudi oil.  And if you don't want train derailments of oil products, then maybe pipelines are the safest and most economical solution.

Tubes within Tubes

Most valuable are train right of ways, their ties and rails have rotted. Think tubes.

Tubes within Tubes

Bruce Voigt wrote:
Most valuable are train right of ways, their ties and rails have rotted. Think tubes.
Scenario; We apologize for the short departure delay as oil pipe section 436 required attention. Edmonton's fast tube service will have you embarking in Calgary in just a few minutes. To deal with the g-force you will experience feelings much the same as a roller coaster as we drop and curve into the air stream. Your luggage will be at tube 1A, freight at 2B Thank you for tubing Air Canada

scary new world

A scary new world is upon us....the rapid fire export of increAsingly dirty and dangerous to mine, ship and refine fossil neck and neck with a debased and angry natural see how fast civilization as we know it can come apart.

Stay tuned.  But by all means, while waiting and watching, continue to have the same old dualistic and con fossil fuels, pro and con climate change, pro and con pipelines through our back country or trains through our will help pass the time....

And convince some of you argumentative types, that there is a way to proceed that doesn't necessitate drastic, radical change.  Oh!  AND DON'T FORGET TO HUG YOUR KIDS TONIGHT...THEY NEED ALL THE SHORT TERM LOVE THEY CAN GET....GIVEN THE LEGACY WE'RE PREPARING FOR THEM.

oil train derails...

it would seem the only reason we are hearing about these train wrecks in the news is because the powers that be would prefer to use a pipeline over the train for transport of bitumen/oil products. a spill from a train is disastrous, but it is limited to the amount being transported, where a pipeline( keystone) will continue to spill oil at 830,000 barrels per day, or 34,581.68 barrels per hr until it is noticed and then turned off. i would much rather risk the train derailing over a pipeline spill any day. 

the pipeline is not the answer, using less oil is. as the under developed world strives to become more like the west; eating meat with every meal, wanting electricity and the household appliances we all take for granted, will see a rise in demand for oil. 

next time you take your huge SUV out for a spin to the store, ask yourself is this huge gas guzzling machine really necessary? do you live in an area that is in need of a 4x4? or is this truck just a status symbol? do you car pool? or drive to work by yourself? am i part of the problem or the solution? 


oil train derailments.

How do you that these derailments weren't done on purpose so as to get more votes on the side of pipelines, we are talking millions and millions of dollars at stake here, you don't think that such a thing is possible,  right and the towers were brought down by terrorists alone, uh huh, for shore.