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Rejoice, burger lovers

Located at 77 10th St, New Westminster, BC V3M3X4
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You just can't go wrong  with a good burger.  I'm a connoisseur of hamburgers and fries. With today's endless choice of fast food chains in our globalized world, it's easy to say anybody can cook up a beef patty and fry up some potatoes. That's just not true.

One day, my friend kept bragging about this place called Burger Heaven, and a burger there called Ernie's Mile High Burger, which is stacked with eight beef patties and sounds like whoever eats it is destined to have a quadruple bypass operation somewhere down the line.

So I called up a couple of friends to check out the hype. Located at 77 10th Street in New Westminster (blocks from New Westminster Skytrain Station),  it didn't seem impressive from the outside. Inside, nostalgic photographs gave it character. It opened in 1984, which was made apparent  by the pictures on the wall.

I ordered the Hulk Burger. I thought of joining Ernie's Mile High Club by ordering their famous eight-story Colossal Burger, but played it safe. The food came very quickly, and my two-story burger was ample.  Side dishes included green salad with homemade sun-dried tomato dressing, and fried garlic potato wedges. 

My party and I took a second to idolize the aura of the dishes and let our mouths water over its presence before digging in. Finally, I proceeded to take a few pictures with my Blackberry phone as we indulged gluttonously. The beef was cooked perfectly.

In short, Burger Heaven serves up delicious, rustic, traditional food, and it isn't too expensive. Its mellow, home-cooking and friendly atmosphere make it a destination to revisit.