Holiday hair: 6 easy looks

Be the mane attraction this holiday with these six gorgeous looks.

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Step 1: Give your hair a smooth blowout.

Step 2: Once your hair is dry, curl your hair using a large barrel iron. Take large sections of hair and remember to curl inwards and away from your face.

Step 3: Using a fine tooth comb, begin to tease your hair by backcombing the curled strands.

Step 4 : Gather your hair to the side. Take sections of your curled hair and loosely twist it towards the nape of your neck, pinning as you go along.

Step 5: Once you reach your ear, shape the remaning strands into curls.

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Step 6, 7, and 8: Mist with hairspray et voilà! Optional: top it off with a classic red lip and you're picture perfect.

VO alternative: Got short hair? No worries. Here's a quick and easy way to style your hair into a chic chignon:

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1. Slightly curl/wave the ends of your hair. This will prevent random strands from sticking out.

2. Place an elastic headband (something sparkly or fancy will do) 1-2 inches behind your hairline and secure it with bobby pins

3. Take small strands of hair, loosely twist them away from your face, and tuck them behind the headband. Continue all the way through, using headbands when necessary. 

Here's a visual look that demonstrates how to recreate this style. 

Figure Eight Side Ponytail

This simple and chic hairstyle worn by Taylor Swift at the AMAs looks just like a simple side ponytail, right?

Photo courtesy of Glamour

Wrong. If you look up close, you can see that it's intricately looped into a figure eight braid:

Photo courtesy of Glamour

This sweet look strikes the perfect balance between casual and (slightly) fancy, so it's perfect for any occasion.

1. Start with smooth, straight hair. Gather your hair to the side and separate it into two sections.

2. Take a strand of hair from your back section and begin looping it around in a figure eight motion over the front section.

3. Once you finish looping it around the front section, take the remaining strand and wrap it around the back section. (Make sure that your wrap it around tightly!) 

4. Follow the exact same figure eight motion and continue until you use the entire strand of hair.

5. Secure with a bobby pin(s).

Confused? Here's a video that shows you how to recreate this look.


Half and Half

Doesn't Dianna Agron look oh so pretty here?

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