Concordia University Becomes First Canadian University to Partially Divest from Fossil Fuels

Decision comes amidst rising momentum for student divestment movement across Canada
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A vote for the NPA is a vote for more tankers and big oil from Alberta, video claims

This video warns not to vote for the NPA if you don't want more tankers in Vancouver's waters.

‘Directly Affected’ film on Kinder Morgan seeks support

Filmmakers to give a free public screening of its Kinder Morgan film in Vancouver and Victoria, while they seek online votes to fund the next stage of their project.

Sci Fi for adults, Interstellar, and for kids, Big Hero 6. Also two short ethnic festivals

Matthew McConaughey stars in the week’s biggest new film, Interstellar

Nineteen year battle over Great Bear Rainforest on brink of peace as momentous deadline approaches

In those early meetings, anger and tension blocked every attempt at progress. But over 19 years, enemies joined forces to try and save B.C.'s greatest natural treasure.

Energy East facing many foes: land owners, enviros, Aboriginals and politicians

TransCanada submitted its application to build the largest oil pipeline in North America, triggering reaction across Canada.

Aritzia, ASOS, Levi Strauss & Co. join companies in effort to safeguard the world’s forests

Vancouver-based Canopy let big clothes companies know rayon, viscose, modal, lyocell and other trademarked cellulosic fabrics start their journey as trees.

Court challenges launched to provincial and federal approvals for $8 Billion Site C Dam

The petition asks the BC Supreme Court to quash the provincial Environmental Assessment Certificate granted Oct. 14 to BC Hydro for the Site C Dam Project.