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Real Housewives of Vancouver: Reiko MacKenzie

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Real Housewives of Vancouver star Reiko MacKenzie gives off a quiet and deadly vibe on the show. She told the VO that she's not trying to be aloof, but keeping her focus on what's important in life: her family.

"I don't get out very much, I'm a family person," she confessed, veering from the Real Housewives' image.

Even her favorite hangout spot was family-oriented.

"We love to go to Granville Island, that's one of our favorite spots because it has something for everyone," she said. "We also enjoy Whistler in both the summer and in the winter."

MacKenzie said that while she's a good skier, but her husband...not so much. But skiing has been a good activity for the MacKenzie clan, she said, as they go on frequent trips to nearby Cypress Mountain.

"We've enjoyed cross-country Nordic skiing as a family  -- it's a great workout," she said thoughtfully.

A Japanese-Canadian (Reiko is a common name, meaning "beautiful girl" or "respectful girl"), she's a mixed martial arts expert and a fanatic collector of exotic cars. Despite being in the middle of a show known for catty fighting, she tries to stay out of the "drama", and uses her martial arts training to manage angry feelings.