Keith Urban brings country rock to Rogers Arena

Keith Urban walked onto the stage at Rogers Arena on Monday night, all smiles as he bounced up and down, pounding out a long stream of rock songs and heartfelt ballads. His guitar playing was exquisite and he clearly loves what he does.

He won the audience over immediately with his easy going ways, chit chat in between the sets and the way he welcomed everyone to the concert.  He had clearly been reading up a bit about Vancouver and yelled out "Go Canucks Go" as the camera zoomed in on one of the Sedin twins in the audience. Later in the show he even donned a Canucks jersey.

He ran up and down the aisles, sang in different locations of the whole arena and made sure everyone got a good glimpse of him. A very thoughtful star. And clearly, a very, very happy one.

Keith read some of the signs that the audience were holding up, and one of them said "Kiss this girl" so he brought the girl onstage and even if he didn't kiss her, she got a great big hug and the thrill of a lifetime standing next to the star of the evening. She told him that she's learning how to play guitar and that her boyfriend is a great guitar player. She was almost crying as she hugged Keith.

"We don't usually do this, but a friend of mine happens to be in town shooting a movie so he's here tonight...give it up for Russell Crowe!" said Keith all of a sudden. The audience went wild. Including yours truly. I'm a big fan of Russell's and I think I might have been screaming. So much so that I didn't hear what song he was going to perform, but nevertheless, I sang along with it. But I don't know what it was. Someone reading this review probably will know the name of it.

Russell, the ever bad guy that he is,  almost managed to get himself booed off stage before he even played his first chords. It started off well but here is what he said:

"It's my first time in Vancouver.  I must say, it's a beautiful town, but my god you have some bad weather!" the audience fell silent. But he made up for it with some true talent. I did not know that Russell could sing that well, and play the guitar. He looked like a seasoned rock star on stage and he was loving his moment in the spotlight as Keith hung back and let Russell go wild.

Keith and Russell sang a song together and the audience was singing and dancing along. It was a magnificent moment. Two Aussies for the price of one. Certainly more entertainment than anyone had expected.

Keith continued on with the concert, in his tireless ways, and Russell tumbled off stage looking pretty exhausted after two songs. It takes endless energy being a showman. Keith has what it takes.

Keith asked if anyone knew the words to his hit "Kiss a girl" and picked up 3 people from the audience, one guy and two girls. They were asked to sing the chorus. The girls were too giddy to manage to sing straight, but the guy gave it his all and rocked the place. Keith was thrilled and the two of them sang the chorus together. The audience applauded enthusiastically  for the cute boy from Chilliwack who seemed like he had done nothing but stood on stage with Keith Urban. Kudos to him!

A lucky girl in the audience ended up with one of Keith's guitar. She looked like she had won the lottery, and was absolutely stunned as Keith handed her his guitar out of the blue.

As the evening came to an end, Keith sang one last song..."Who wouldn't want to be me" and who wouldn't really? seems like he's living the perfect life. But you want a guy like this to be happy. His last words to the audience were:

"I know a lot of you are going through hard financial times, and hard 'whatever hell' times. I would like to thank you all for coming here this Monday night, and choosing to spend your money on us. I know you all have to get up early to go to work tomorrow, and it's a late evening. I want you to know that I appreciate each and everyone for being here and I hope to see you soon again!" How do you not love a guy like this? I know I do. Come back soon Keith, Vancouver loves you!

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Keith Urban

Keith Urban is the BEST and I am so very happy that Canada gets that in spades. We love him in the US also, but some certainly could appreciate him more. He is the BEST there is, no competiton from anywhere.

High entertainment value

I went to the concert being a fan of country music, not necessarily a fan of Keith Urban.  I left a fan of both.  Urban was able to connect and engage the audience on many levels.  He is not just a musician but a complete entertainer. 

BTW: The guy who was up on stage singing was from Victoria and the two girls were from Chilliwack.

That was the most fun concert

That was the most fun concert I have been to.

The songs that Russell Crowe played were Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Blues, followed with The Joker originally by Steve Miller Band.  

Also, I think he said shitty weather which is very true, though nothing to be upset about.  It's a large part of what makes it so green and beautiful here.

FYI the guy that sang on

FYI the guy that sang on stage with Keith was from Victoria and the two girls were from Chilliwack. AWESOME concert. A true sweetheart!

My favourite line: "It's hot

My favourite line: "It's hot as hell in here!  Ice rink my ass."

Keith was AMAZING.  Coming off of two nights of country's reigning entertainer of the year, I didn' think anyone could top Taylor Swift.  Keith proved that you don't need fanfare or spectical (although both are nice and make for good shows).  You just need raw talent.  He was great with the fans... you could really see how much he appreciates what the fans have done for him.


CRAZY jealous of the girl who ended up with his guitar... but she looked so dang happy, you couldn't help but feel estatic for her.  Can't wait til he comes back again.

Now a Fan!

I attended knowing that Keith Urban is a hot looking star married to Nicole Kidman.  I was not familiar with his music.  I was pleasantly surprised by his down to earth, honest, performance!

I am now a FAN!

He rocked the Arena!  Hope he comes back again and again.

Also, what a surprise to see Russell Crowe!  He's been off and on in my books but had recently watched Gladiator for the umpteenth time and I so love the character he portrays in that movie!  Strenght & Honour!  He appeared to be quite down to earth last night as well and definitely not as "fit" as Keith! 

I am feeling so awesome today after that experience!


Keith rocks!

This is the second time I have seen him in Vancouver, the other time was at the Orpheum.  I never tire of seeing his endless energy, fantastic talent and connection to his fans.  He tries to include all the fans in the concert and his back up band is also very talented.

I was hesitant to see him in Rogers Arena after the Orpheum but found the sound very good and was it still had the intimate feeling because of his easy going ways and chit chat.

I will most certainly see his concert again in two years!  Keith rocks!!!



Keith and Russell Show

I enjoyed the concert last night as well. But the OCD side of me has to make a few corrections. The girl pulled on stage was holding a sign that said 'Clothing optional beyond this point'. The boy Josh who got to sing was from Victoria, the other two girls were from Chilliwack and according to Russell we have rather 'sh**ty' weather! It was a great concert - how often do you see a top performer playing 2.5 hours straight and then stay out afterwards to sign a few autographs and give a few hugs? Never!! 

Keith Urban

Keith Urban is the most fantastic live performer on the road.  He has one up on Taylor Swift -- he can sing!  And the man on the guitar --endless.  One more concert to see (saw the man in Winnipeg and next in Minneapolis) and then the long drought for the next album and concert tour.  The man does not get enough credit for his talent.

sexy keith urban,the best ever

keith urban,is my man,my favorite of all times,i believe in him,have posters of him,if i met my sexy man,man i'd be in glory land forever,keith i adore yoy with all my heart baby,i honestly do,always will,i love love yor music,my favorite is "only you can love me this way",baby yor my good thing & i'll never ever let you go babe,i think the world of you everyday,darn i had tears last night,miss'd you performing @ rogers arena my hunny,i love you sexy keith urban i honestly do baby,think of you 24 7 with passionate kisses n butterflys mmmm yor hot baby,you sure are my hunny my beautiful keith urban n always babe,yor mine forever beautiful sexy keith urban

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keith urban

you're right a great show, but you have to be a pretty huge russell crowe fan to see super rock talent in his folsom prison performance - stick to the movies russell.  and the girls were from chilliwack, the guy who nailed it was from victoria

This was my 5th time seeing

This was my 5th time seeing Keith live and he only gets better. I have been a fan for the last 14 years and he's only getting better with age. I'll be seeing him in Seattle on Thursday, and can't wait for that!!

Wow That man is AMAZING

What a fantastic show Keith and his band put on last night. I don't think he gets enough credit in Nashville. I love Taylor Swift and i totally enjoyed her concert, but the truth is we saw the entertainer of the year last night. One of the best guitarists, songwriters and pure entertainers in the business. His smile could melt steel and when he says "Thank you baby" i have to sit down and recover(and i know i'm not alone on that one). Oops did i just say that? back. Anyway fantastic show by a fantastic performer. Now to get my ears to stop ringing!

Hey guys,What a truly amazing

Hey guys,

What a truly amazing concert that was. One of the best I have ever been to! Feel free to check out my video I recorded of Russell Crowe on stage.


Last Song

Fantastic show! Definitely the best country show I have been to, and up there with one of my all time favourites overall. One thing, the last song Keith performed was "Better Life" which is fitting given his final comments of the evening regarding the recession. Although it was a pricey ticket, I have never felt that I have gotten my money's worth more!

Keith Urban

I was fortunate enough to spend my 48th birthday at the Keith Urban concert - tickets from my extremely thoughtful boyfriend.  I spent it with 7 other friends and I have to say - I have been to many many concerts in my 48 years but this was by far THE best concert.  Keith is so personable and interactive with his audience.  I was a Keith fan before ... but I am truly an URBANITE for life now.  Thank you Keith for making this the best birthday ever.


come on, you can't be a fan of Crowe's if you didn't know he's had his own band for ages. he didn't almost get booed off the stage either. that was a huge exaggeration.

you must be twelve if you didn't recognize the song he played. should you really be doing MUSIC reviews?

the last song of the night was not the one you mentioned. were you listening? it was a Katy Perry song.

your review sounded like it was written by a ten year old who'd never listened to a record in her life. your editors should have picked that up. their fault really for allowing you in that situation. not going to read the VO anymore. too much junk and one sided politics.


Come back to Australia Keith, do a Country town tour, come to Tamworth....