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UBC professor Alanaise Goodwill

New UBC prof explores the grip of Aboriginal gang life in the prairies

The Prairie provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba are home to a thriving agriculture industry, an abundance of natural resources and many of the country’s First Peoples. It’s also home to...

Big trees bring out our inner tree hugger

The BC Big Tree Registry, which aims to chronicle B.C.’s most majestic forest giants, has found a new home in the Faculty of Forestry We go searching for them, we hug them, we’re often speechless in...

MasterCard Foundation Scholars from Africa hope to return home to make a difference

Patrick Munyurangabo was just an infant when up to a million Rwandans were killed in a genocide that lasted 100 days. Now he's studying at UBC.

UBC students should find enhanced safety on campus this fall, university officials say

The University of British Columbia is working actively to improve safety on its Vancouver Point Grey campus as students head back to school for the Winter Term that starts September 2, campus...

Five tips for parents new to the university experience

The first year of university is an exciting, emotional, awkward, eye-opening and anxious time for new students. It can also be hellish for their parents and guardians as they deal with their...

"Real life Indiana Jones" joins UBC anthropology department

 Donning the proverbial tweed jacket of academia doesn’t mean Wade Davis will be packing away the bullwhip and fedora. The anthropologist, who has been called a “real-life Indiana Jones,” has...

Sex and BC's East Asian teenagers

A new UBC study shows that most East Asian adolescents in B.C. are not sexually active, but those who are may engage in high-risk sexual behaviours.

A hunger for more

Emily Grainger was part of a turnaround team, and she’s not ready to stop winning.

Hotel pricing wars

Travelers booking hotels online over the last few years have encountered an increasingly complex process.