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Tyler Harbottle

Tyler Harbottle has a BA in political science from UBC and will begin his second year in the UBC Masters of Journalism program next fall. He recently completed a practicum with The Tyee and is filling in for Jenny Uechi as VO Managing Editor while Jenny goes on vacation.  Find a more complete profile of Tyler here, and contact him on twitter here.


Jul 15th, 2011
Followed by a cheer of approval and a long, hearty applause, Vancouver city council adopted the Greenest City Action Plan, Thursday, a plan to make Vancouver the "greenest city in the world...
Jul 14th, 2011
Deputy City Manager Sadhu Johnston presented a bold, some would say radical, road map to becoming the "greenest city" in the world by 2020. Today councillors will vote to adopt it, or not.
Jul 12th, 2011
Deputy City Manager Sadhu Johnston said the Greenest City Action Plan is divided into three themes and is one of the most ambitious in the world.
Jul 12th, 2011
Canadian media show signs of adopting the Rupert Murdoch news model, one that prizes gossip and celebrity over public interest journalism.
Jul 6th, 2011
Vancouver ranks second in an Economist Intelligence Unit green city index that compares the environmental performance of 27 major U.S. and Canadian cities.
Jul 6th, 2011
In the wake of two serious bear attacks in B.C., you might be wondering whether you'll happen across one of these burly beasts on your first foray into the back country this season.
Jul 5th, 2011
Rocky Mountaineer, the luxury rail tour company that operates in B.C. and Alberta, has locked out its on-board service staff and replaced them with senior staff and temporary workers. It’s a move...
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