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Susan Main


Dec 6th, 2010
A neighbourhood school–Laura Secord–is trying to win votes for a new playground. About 9,000 kids in the area would be served by the new playground, including an estimated 350 children with disabiliti
Nov 14th, 2010
It's all caught on surveillance camera and talked about in different languages around the world. A guy from my neighbourhood, Larry Skopnik, stopped a would-be robber from assaulting a store...
Aug 22nd, 2010
Bike corrals are used in Portland, Montreal, Ottawa, Seattle, and other major cities throughout the world – and now we have our first one in Vancouver. It's on the South-East corner of...
Jun 6th, 2010
Rain did not stop the party today on Commercial Drive. It was the first Italian Day since 1982, and the streets were closed from Grandview to Venables.
May 22nd, 2010
Next time you shop at Trout Lake Farmer's market, consider going by bike. Parking for cars is  tight around the market, but if you come on two wheels, Geoffrey Vincent will set you up with a...
May 20th, 2010
Last night my son and I went to the IGNITE! Youth Festival at the Cultch – and I was truly surprised by how good it was. The entire thing was created by youth (13 to 24) including writing, performing,
Mar 1st, 2010
This worker in this photograph was taking down an Olympics security fence around Trout Lake. The southwest corner of Trout Lake park has been inaccessible since before the Olympics.
Feb 28th, 2010
Wooooo! Honk honk honk! Yeahhhhhhhhhhh! Even 20 minutes after Canada beat the U.S. 3 – 2 in overtime – the freaking out continued. On Twitter, a woman reported her husband's tears were dripping...
Feb 14th, 2010
It’s not a protest and it’s not connected with the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. It’s an annual memorial march for the missing and murdered women of the downtown eastside neighbourhood – the same area...
Feb 8th, 2010
Mad Dog’s “golden castle” is a replica of a Strathcona home that in today’s market sells for a million dollars and is renovated and fortified with bars that keep out robbers on drugs.
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