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Steve Williams

 In his day job, Steve manage SAP's worldwide Technology Donation program that provides free reporting and data visualization tools to over 900 non-profits each year. Outside of that, he is interested in engaging people in discussions around change. He wants to make those conversations as inclusive as possible, bringing together diverse groups to learn and share and a desire to link these discussions to concrete change – social, economic and environmental.

You can find him on Twitter: @constructive




Aug 16th, 2011
This weekend will be a celebration of the arts, with tons of cool artists showcasing their work along with some interesting design conferences and a lecture series. And without fail, there is always...
Aug 10th, 2011
There is something incredibly satisyfing about listening to music and holding picnics outdoors. Luckily for us, there is a ton of outdoor music festivals going on this weekend, ranging from DJs to...
Aug 2nd, 2011
As always, there's no shortage of events happening this weekend in Vancouver. Lots of theatrical events from Bard On The Beach to outdoor movie nights with Summer Screen at the Village. Or if you'd...
Jul 20th, 2011
We're  loving this weekend's upcoming events. So many opportunities to see a unique side of Vancouver. We've got the chance to peruse through a musical forest, explore ...
Jun 28th, 2011
Another great week of summer events, and this week we have an extra day to take it all in. Yes! And if you missed the Mini Maker Faire, the do-it-yourself event where talented "makers" showed off...
Apr 6th, 2011
So, did you bash some pillows last weekend? Check out the Pillow Fight Flashmob Video (There was even a horseyman!) You never know what happens when you follow the Bees. Some great picks for you...
Mar 16th, 2011
Get your boots on, march in solidarity and think deep about going green
Mar 9th, 2011
March is jam-packed full of diverse and exciting events including partying with youth + boomers, celebrating the festival of colors, watching engaging theatre, and even TWEETING! We will...
Feb 23rd, 2011
Amazing theatre, music, chance to make your voice heard, listen to some naked voices, remix other voices and see the latest in eco-fashion.
Feb 17th, 2011
Weekend event picks feature East Van - Day & Night Festival, a musical tribute to Vancouver's historic East End black community and captivating performances at Radiant Sound.
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