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Steve Venegas

Steve Venegas is an associate producer with CBC Radio 3.  His work has appeared in Beatroute Magazine, The Reflector Magazine, The Calgary Journal, The Business Examiner,, Discorder, and Swerve Magazine. Steve drinks his coffee black and plays the ukulele.


Jul 9th, 2012
It was hard to believe Sedlak got his start in cooking just so he could get cheap snowboarding passes. But that's what he told the Vancouver Observer in 2008.
Apr 14th, 2010
The Conan O'Brien "Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on TV" tour kicked off it's Canadian leg last night at the Orpheum, where thousands of people laughed at the exploits of the ginger one and his...
Aug 3rd, 2009
Steve Venegas talks to a rising pop star about her personal journey and musical tours.
Jul 15th, 2009
For a moment, a piece of Vancouver Island became downright medieval, Steve Venegas reports.
Jun 26th, 2009
When a celebrity dies, everyone stops for a moment. These figures, who we have lionized to the point of mythology, don't really exist in our lives anywhere save for our own imagination and yet we...
Jun 14th, 2009
"More ass and less gas," naked bikers said as they drove their message home downtown on Car Free day yesterday. Photo by Steve Venegas.
Jun 14th, 2009
Anime Evolution, a celebration of everything the Japanese animated world has to offer, drew thousands of people to Vancouver this weekend from all over the lower mainland and abroad. The most...
Jun 6th, 2009
I've never been what you would call a clothes horse. Over the years I developed something of a uniform consisting of a black t-shirt and slim fitting jeans. Because of this, clothing stores have...
May 1st, 2009
Big news. Vancouver now has its own Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert joke-alikes, setting the satirical pace for a barbed and hilarious local discourse with a team led by Paul Bae. Bae, along with...
Apr 13th, 2009
While most of the Lower Mainland was enjoying the long weekend, going on Easter Egg hunts and consuming more chocolate than the human endocrine system is equipped to cope with, Christians all across...
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