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Stephanie Ostler

Stephanie Ostler is a designer who owns The Devil May Wear clothing shop on Main Street.


Feb 1st, 2010
It sure ain't easy moving a furniture store when you've got a broken knee and you have to do it on your own. Keep your cool and maybe it'll work out.
Jan 12th, 2010
When you share your name with the biggest pop star of the past 25 years, you have two choices: change your name or embrace it. Michael Jackson of Vancouver, BC chose the latter path, moonwalking...
Dec 30th, 2009
With recent fires destroying buildings on Main and Broadway and Kingsway and Broadway, local small business owners are thinking twice about how to protect themselves. It’s not only the loss of your...
Dec 22nd, 2009
I started my current company, Devil May Wear  at the extremely young age of 17 thinking, "This will be easy. I’ve worked for small businesses and I’ve made clothing my whole life. Becoming a...
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