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Shane Vajda


Shane Vajda is a former film and TV actor from Vancouver. He has a B.A. from SFU’s criminology department and blogs on sports and entertainment.






Nov 22nd, 2011
Today we answer questions from Sid the Kid, Travis Lulay, Chad Kroeger and Shane's mom.
Nov 20th, 2011
Panic time for the defending Western Champs, right? But we all know this team doesn’t get going until December.
Nov 15th, 2011
This week, we answer questions from Dana White, Arland Bruce, Shane's mom and God.
Nov 11th, 2011
We don't agree on much. Except this: There are more bad teams this season than at any point in recent memory.
Nov 9th, 2011
It all began so innocently...
Nov 3rd, 2011
Every week we answer a bunch of questions we wrote ourselves. Any plans on May 5th, 2012? -M. Pacquiao, Mindanao, Philippines Nolan: Hopefully watching the fight of the century. From the sounds of it...
Nov 1st, 2011
In honour of Movember, our top five all time Canucks moustaches. Number 5 -- John Garrett John gets bonus points because, if it wasn't for that moustache, he would look like Pipi Longstocking in this...
Nov 1st, 2011
Part two of The Sports Couple's Vancouver media fantasy draft.
Oct 31st, 2011
Hockey pool drafts are finished. Football pool drafts are finished. No NBA pool this year (okay, we’ve never really done an NBA pool, but still... it’s nice to have the option) and eight weeks in to...
Oct 28th, 2011
In honour of the continuing NBA lockout, we give you a quick assessment of the divisive, all powerful NBA commish, David Stern. Against goes first...cause its David Stern. NOLAN: AGAINST With the NBA...
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