Sandy Garossino

Sandy Garossino is a former prosecutor and former owner of three Metro Vancouver taxi companies, which together formed the largest privately held fleet of taxis in Western Canada.  She is active in private investments and incubating businesses through global partnerships, primarily in Asia.  A long-time advocate for the arts, Garossino is a guest writer for VO.

How Harper's disastrous diplomacy crushed Keystone XL

President Obama's veto of the Keystone XL pipeline bill is nothing less than a devastating indictment of Stephen Harper's foreign policy. 
Gambling in Vancouver, B.C. under scruitiny

Why Edgewater casino could go bankrupt and leave us holding the bag

Suddenly clouds have formed on the horizon for the planned new Edgewater Casino at BC Place, as news comes that regulators are reviewing the viability of the project and the suitability of former BC...

Vancouver Aquarium and SeaWorld joined at the hip

SeaWorld's artificial insemination program is wholly dependent on support provided by the Vancouver Aquarium and its belugas on breeding loan.

Graydon's got to go: ex-BCLC CEO's conflict of interest and Paragon casino

“At BCLC we understand the importance of public confidence in our organization and the people who provide our products and services. We are focused on building public trust through good...

Draft Day at the Supreme Court: the Harper v. McLachlin feud explained

To the average person, a judge is a judge is a judge. But judges are more like hockey and football players.

Time to rip the mask of anonymity off online trolls

Total freedom, total anonymity and children don't mix in real life. Why should it in the online world?

Sandy Garossino BC Provincial politics analysis: video

Sandy Garossino on why nice guys finish last, the kids we've brought up not to vote, and how the BC Liberals will manage the beginning of year 16 in power.

TED tales: it's all in the audience

The TED conference isn't valuable just for the talks themselves: great things can happen when brains, influence and power meet in the same room in a city like Vancouver.

M-O-N-E-Y: Why government investment in culture pays off

Investing in arts and culture brings in millions in revenue to the city: lessons for Vancouver.

Vanishing point: how police forgot the women they couldn't see

A former Crown prosecutor familiar with police investigations, warrant applications and the criminal charge approval process explains why the Pickton investigation went horribly wrong.