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Sandy Garossino

Sandy Garossino is a former prosecutor and former owner of three Metro Vancouver taxi companies, which together formed the largest privately held fleet of taxis in Western Canada.  She is active in private investments and incubating businesses through global partnerships, primarily in Asia.  A long-time advocate for the arts, Garossino is a guest writer for VO.


Aug 7th, 2013
Total freedom, total anonymity and children don't mix in real life. Why should it in the online world?
Jun 18th, 2013
As the Snowden controversy grows, people are divided over whether his disclosure of U.S. electronic surveillance programs was an act of 'treason' or a heroic defense of rights and freedoms...
May 21st, 2013
Sandy Garossino on why nice guys finish last, the kids we've brought up not to vote, and how the BC Liberals will manage the beginning of year 16 in power.
Feb 12th, 2013
The TED conference isn't valuable just for the talks themselves: great things can happen when brains, influence and power meet in the same room in a city like Vancouver.
Jan 24th, 2013
Investing in arts and culture brings in millions in revenue to the city: lessons for Vancouver.
Dec 22nd, 2012
A former Crown prosecutor familiar with police investigations, warrant applications and the criminal charge approval process explains why the Pickton investigation went horribly wrong.
Nov 14th, 2012
Amanda Todd's mother, Carol, along with children's singer Raffi and other concerned citizens urge Facebook's COO to fix systemic design defects to protect children from predators.
Oct 1st, 2012
Why John Furlong has an uphill battle in the courts.
Sep 15th, 2012
You couldn't even say the word 'liberal' back then, but the changes made by Peter Lougheed were enlightened and forward-thinking.
Sep 7th, 2012
Barack Obama, Michelle Obama and Bill Clinton stomp all over the stereotype of the "weak" and ineffective Democrat.
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