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Paul Grant

Paul Grant was born and raised in Vancouver, and after traveling extensively, spent 30 years as a host and producer with CBC Radio in Charlottetown, Regina and back home in Vancouver.  Now retired, he likes to cycle, canoe and, when nobody’s around, play the ukulele.


Nov 2nd, 2011
The official Loudmouth Fan of the Vancouver Canadians keeps the season alive -- George Bowering offers up a beer and a dog and a damn good baseball story.
Oct 18th, 2011
Progress, a family tragedy, armed resistance, the fur trade, celebrity journalism and an earthquake -- a day in the life at the Writers Festival
Oct 3rd, 2011
Turkeys aren't the most beautiful bird in the barnyard. But they do get a bad rap for being stupid.
Sep 26th, 2011
The rain returns. We can either cower under our umbrellas, or embrace one of the defining features of our city.
Sep 13th, 2011
Integrity intact, Roy Forbes is still rockin'.
Sep 6th, 2011
Free food - take a ramble through the brambles and come home with a taste of summer.
Aug 28th, 2011
To shave or not to shave -- that is the question.
Aug 9th, 2011
Carole King and Gerry Goffin’s song rings as true today as it did when the Drifters had a hit with it in 1963.  In the summer we live on our roof.  It’s a little like a cottage, except open...
Jul 15th, 2011
They'll be uking it up under a full moon at the Vancouver Folk Music Festival this weekend, part of the ukulele zeitgeist sweeping the world.
Jul 7th, 2011
Libraries are one of the saving graces of civilization. UBC's Crane Library offers more than most.
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