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Olivia Bevan

Olivia Bevan has a passion for writing, marketing and competitive martial arts.  She is originally from northern England.


Jun 15th, 2011
Inside the octagon, Dos Santos’ gloved fists tore into Shane Carwin’s face opening up raw, gaping wounds beneath his eyes, across his cheekbones---everywhere they made contact. As he turned to face...
Mar 3rd, 2011
It’s never too late for a fresh start, as the characters in Lynn Schnurnberger’s latest literary romp soon find out.
Jan 9th, 2011
Legend has it that the mysterious fable of flight upgrades is something that happens to everyone else but you. It’s time to settle the score.
Dec 22nd, 2010
We all love a good seasonal shindig but when you’re juggling the inevitable December duties of Christmas, kids and general, all-round chaos, any personal primping and preening routine we might have fe
Dec 3rd, 2010
It wouldn’t be a Vancouver-style Christmas without an essence of eco-chic or a sprinkling of biodegradable magic. For all those wanting to get with the green and ease in the ethics this season, here...
Nov 17th, 2010
We all love awards, but Olympic gold medals are so last season. With winter just around the corner, we all need a little more oomph to see us through the dark, lonely nights. Thankfully, Vancouver’...
Nov 8th, 2010
With twenty-four hours to go before the bit competition, I’d become an obsessive slave to the scales. I was teetering so close to my target weight that after every sip, munch or crunch of drink or...
Oct 20th, 2010
After a recent sparring session, I gawked at the knotty, tangled mess that had once counted as a hair ‘style’ and reluctantly acknowledged that the luxury of looking good has been sadly absent from...
Oct 11th, 2010
Cutting weight is never easy, especially when faced with temptations. Of which nothing is more teasingly tantalizing that a slice of home-cooked pumpkin pie. It takes all the willpower in the world...
Oct 7th, 2010
Vancouver’s fun-loving lifestyle isn’t just limited to zenning out yoga-style or sweating your stuff jogging along the beach. For ladies seeking a little more oomph from their local adventures here...
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