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Noel Herron

Noel Herron is a former school principal and school trustee. He recently received a Golden Leaf Award from the Canadian Education Press Association for feature writing. He is now a member of APPLE BC, the recently-formed provincial grassroots education advocacy committee.


Dec 6th, 2010
Wrong-way Corrigan, of US football fame, has nothing on Margaret MacDiarmid. Recently, Premier Campbell reinstated MacDiarmid as BC’s education minister, after her newly-appointed predecessor George...
Nov 29th, 2010
Margaret MacDiarmid is back as Minister of Education after George Abbott steps forward to run for the Liberal leadership.
Nov 18th, 2010
In her brief stay as education minister, MacDiarmid was well on her way to becoming one of the most unpopular ministers in the Campbell government.
Nov 15th, 2010
Sources say George Abbott, the current BC Liberal minister of education, may run for the vacant BC premiership. Only last month, Abbott replaced his predecessor, the controversial Margaret...
Nov 10th, 2010
Advocacy group APPLE BC outlines exactly what the Premier committed to when he said that all Grade 4 students in BC will be reading and writing at a Grade 4 level within the next 5 years
Oct 29th, 2010
Two public pleas underline the growing demand for a halt to provincial underfunding of our K-12 public education system. They are: a recent letter to the The Vancouver Sun from Eric Yung,...
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