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Nancy Battye

Nancy Battye is a spiritual business woman and entrepreneur, published writer, motivational speaker, radio show and interview host. She is a mother of three who seeks travel, adventure and is passionate about life. 

Nancy loves to travel to Mexico, hang out at the beach, loves to dance, play sports, and a certified diver who's an avid photography buff  who's passionate about the topic of compassion and forgiveness. A personal development teacher that supports individuals to greater levels of self confidence and self esteeem through her Dancing in the Web of Life Workshops. Her most current aspirations are to learn how to play the violin.

Nancy's mission in life is to create the NCTC Battye Family Inspired Living Resort a home away from home for youth and young adults with physical disabilities designed to faciliate an inspiring quality of life. Check out her website at:


Apr 26th, 2013
Let's Celebrate!   Malbec World Day, an international celebration dedicated to Argentina's most well-known grape, takes place yearly on April 17. Vancouver's Legacy Liquor Stores celebrated...
Apr 24th, 2013
Dishcrawl Vancouver: a gastronomic food experience on Commercial Drive.
Mar 21st, 2013
In addition to the delicious tacos, the dessert selection alone is worth driving miles in the rain to experience.
Dec 16th, 2012
Tangoo is an affordable resto-cocktail hop experience with seamless access to distinct venues, great company and exclusively-packaged menus. Tangoo was an original thought that came to him in...
Nov 16th, 2012
Three different restaurants, three different meals, and a night of unforgettable taste sensations.
Oct 29th, 2012
Dishcrawl is the buzz word. It’s like a pub crawl except it has food and not just any type of plain old boring run of the mill food, it means mmmh good food from four distinctive restaurants in...
Oct 17th, 2012
Look out apple lovers there’s a new Salish in town. After 30 years of hard work, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada scientists have developed a brand new tasty apple.
Sep 16th, 2012
Spend a day playing tourist with these self-guided tours. They will take you from place to place allowing you to enjoy each location at your own pace.
Delicious Mexican Molette
Sep 14th, 2012
How well do you know Mexican cuisine? Give Mexico Fest a go this weekend and try out some of these amazing Mexican dishes.
Aug 23rd, 2012
What's that funky smell in the air? It's the garlic ice cream at Richmond's Garlic Festival.
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