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Matthew Millar

Matthew Millar is Vancouver Observer's National Correspondent. Follow him on twitter @dmatthewmillar  


Apr 10th, 2014
The former finance minister had distanced himself from politics only a month earlier, saying he would return to the private sector.
Apr 9th, 2014
Canadians across the country woke up to news today that the Canada Revenue Agency shut down public access to their tax-filing website over security concerns. The scare is over an internet...
Apr 1st, 2014
B.C. Premier Christy Clark was a partner in a lobbying firm that was contracted by Enbridge and lobbied the federal government on the company's behalf, according to documents obtained by ...
Mar 27th, 2014
If the Natural Resources Minister has large investments in the energy sector, he stands to gain personally from political policies, an NDP critic says.
Mar 18th, 2014
The Federal government, Province of BC and the City of Vancouver will contribute a combined $50,000 to each of the 98 living children of serial killer Robert Pickton's victims.
Mar 18th, 2014
In a sudden and unexpected move this afternoon, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced his resignation from cabinet -- this comes only a matter of weeks after delivering the 2014 federal budget...
Mar 8th, 2014
“Every year we make advances. Every year we celebrate. But we have to recognize the ground that others want to take away from us.  In these halls of parliament we gather to celebrate...
Mar 6th, 2014
Joe Oliver, Canada's Minister of Natural Resources reiterated his support for the TransCanada Keystone XL pipeline project yesterday, arguing that the project is an “obvious yes for Canada and the...
Mar 1st, 2014
A report from the Sixth Annual Manning Networking Conference.
Feb 11th, 2014
A flicker of hesitation crossed Finance Minister Jim Flaherty's face as he paused to formulate a response to a question that many have been asking since last year: why is the federal government...
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