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Masumi Kikuchi

Masumi Kikuchi is owner of Twilight Traveler Corp. and works as a coordinator and translator for Japanese tourists and media. Recently, she has been writing and posting pictures for Japanese and English-language media. She moved to Vancouver with her husband from Japan.


Mar 2nd, 2012
Masumi Kikuchi's heart wrenching Vancouver Observer story about the devastation the Japanese earthquake inflicted on her hometown brought two far flung communities of kids together.
May 1st, 2011
Masumi Kikuchi heads back to Kamaishi, Japan, to witness the devastation first hand, and to help supply survivors with food, materials -- and hope.
Mar 15th, 2011
In the aftermath of the tsunami in Japan, many of us are anxiously waiting by the phone in hopes of hearing from our family and friends.   One of the cities effected by the tsunami was my...
Mar 22nd, 2010
The Paralympics come to a close as fans head to the Thunderbird Sports Centre to catch the last rounds of Sledge Hockey. Story in photos.
Mar 20th, 2010
At a 2010 Paralympic sledge hockey game, a couple seated in the wheelchair section said they had a terrible car accident several years ago in Vancouver. He was told he had 12 hours to live; she had...
Feb 5th, 2010
Until I checked out the Vectorial Elevation website, I didn't realize that participation is a part of the art.
Jan 21st, 2010
A photographer views City Hall from the 17th Floor of a nearby building and tells the story of taking the picture in English with a translation at the end of the story in Japanese.
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