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Marlena Morton

Marlena Morton is a full time office worker and part time food obsessive.  Originally an actor, many complex twists of fate led her into multiple food service jobs, a year living in England, and finally to Vancouver, British Columbia.  When not plugging away behind a desk, she likes to spend far too much time at the grocery store,  the beach, and cupcake establishments.  She lives in Yaletown with her dog, Benicio, and heterosexual life partner, Dylan.


Dec 3rd, 2011
Can increasingly commercialised restaurant formats mesh with our desire to be loved and comforted at the dining table?
Jun 7th, 2011
The term “fusion”, when related to food is becoming more and more of a dirty word in the dining scene.
Apr 14th, 2011
There are too few opportunities to meet total strangers these days. Dining out at shared tables is a win-win deal for diners and restaurants
Feb 27th, 2011
Fresh bread, hot from the oven. No other smell makes a house feel more like a home. This time of year especially, I want bread with everything. Hunks of it with hot soup and chili, cinnamon buns...
Feb 20th, 2011
My paternal grandmother had a giant kitchen. She was an excellent cook by necessity. She could do things like have an entire roast lunch ready on demand for a crowd of people after church every...
Feb 9th, 2011
Dining in the 21st century has far less to do with what tastes good and ever more to do with new ingredients. Keeping track is hard and the pressure is on for even the smallest pub or food-stand to...
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