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Margo McLoughlin

Margo McLoughlin is a writer, storyteller and teacher. As a consultant with the Fetzer Institute's Generosity of Spirit project, Margo has been gathering world tales of generosity and using them to build community and spark dialogue and discussion in a variety of settings, from Mississippi to Kalamazoo.


Dec 15th, 2009
With our thoughts, we make the world...
Nov 19th, 2009
During the five-week civic workers' strike in Toronto this summer, my friend Mohan came home to an unwelcome gift. While he was away someone had deposited a large bag of garbage on his front lawn...
Oct 21st, 2009
En route to Jackson, Mississippi, I began a conversation with the man sitting next to me. I had noticed he was reading a gun magazine when the flight left Seattle. “A hunter,” I said to myself,...
Oct 5th, 2009
Contributing one small piece to someone else's puzzle becomes a source of contentment in and of itself.
Sep 13th, 2009
A new pair of running shoes has come into my life. I phrase it like this, instead of “I bought a new pair of shoes,” because, as I am beginning to see, the shoes had a history before they came to me...
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