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Lindsay Coulter

Want to lighten your footprint and adopt a green lifestyle? Check out Lindsay's do-it-yourself tips and advice, eco-friendly cleaning and cosmetics recipes, and how-to videos that will help you protect nature — from building a bee house to reducing food waste in David Suzuki's Queen of Green column. Get your green living questions answered in her weekly blog and syndicated Metro column, and on Twitter and Facebook. You'll learn simple ways to make yourself — and the planet — healthier. And you'll save money, too!

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Apr 16th, 2012
The David Suzuki Foundation's Lindsay Coulter sniffs out stinky truths about synthetic fragrances.
Mar 21st, 2012
What's better for recycling, milk in plastic milk jugs or waxed cartons? The David Suzuki Foundation's Lindsey Coulter responds to common questions from eco-minded citizens.
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