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Lee Gass

Sculptor Lee Gass will be managing his page, bringing readers insights about the creative process and inviting other artists to write about their work as well. Gass is represented by Petley Jones Gallery in Vancouver. View his sculptures at


Dec 13th, 2010
Something I admire about surgeons, dentists, deep sea divers and astronauts is their ability to perform sensitive, technically demanding work wearing gloves.  Working with gloves is a serious...
Dec 13th, 2010
Sculptor Lee Gass reflects on Jack London's short story To Build a Fire and some childhood mistakes in the mountains in relation to his daily ritual of building a fire in his stove on Quadra...
Dec 8th, 2010
Bee biologist, university administrator, writer, and Experiments collaborator Mark Winston reflects on the limitations of disciplinary formats imposed by tradition. Using two very different kinds of
Dec 8th, 2010
Sculptor Lee Gass introduces a series of articles inspired by the dance production Experiments. They will be written by members of the Experiments cast, crew, and consultants, and each will use the b
Dec 2nd, 2010
Sculptor, educator, and hummingbird biologist Lee Gass thanks Twyla Bella for a beautiful gift. Twyla, who is 6 years old, made a big piece of felt in school, then painted a hummingbird on it. That
Dec 2nd, 2010
Sculptor, educator, and scientist Lee Gass tells about an educational experiment about hummingbirds on Galiano Island. The central element of the story is a conversation Lee had with an RCMP Constabl
Nov 26th, 2010
Sculptor Lee Gass discusses uses of graphing in science and sculpting, and speculates about uses in choreography.
Nov 22nd, 2010
Sculptor Lee Gass muses about what he sees as deep similarities between science and choreography.
Nov 21st, 2010
This about how I, a sculptor, came to be a collaborator of the Experiments dance production (November 25 - 27 at the Scotiabank Dance Centre), and what it means to me.
Nov 20th, 2010
 My friend Twyla Bella is 6 years old.  She lives on Bowen Island, and I’ve known her parents for many years.  Her Mother is Gail Lotenberg, the choreographer a group of behavioural...
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