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Krissy Darch

Krissy Darch is a writer and researcher. She is the winner of the 2011 Event magazine Creative Nonfiction contest and is a member of the City of Vancouver's Women's Advisory Committee.


Dec 3rd, 2012
The launch of the Vancouver Lesbian history project turns out, in many ways, to be as much about the backlash against feminism as it is about the public erasure of Vancouver’s lesbian past, and the...
Nov 24th, 2012
Elderly women aren't a "drain" on society, but can add immense value to the community --if Vancouver changes to become more livable for them, said participants at the Women Changing...
Oct 12th, 2012
With the death of 15-year-old Amanda Todd, BC schools have some reckoning on their hands. Will they take the opportunity to look at the systemic causes of Todd’s experience of harassment and violence...
Jul 28th, 2011
Is UBC Bookstore being transitioned into a UBC Futures shop? Eight hundred have signed a petition protesting UBC's decision to drop "bookstore" out of its bookstore's name. Ray...
Mar 18th, 2011
Here on the west coast, our university populations are racialized as Asian, similar to those at the University of Los Angeles.  It’s no wonder that the now-viral video, posted last week, of a...
Nov 25th, 2010
What the heck does “Asian flush" mean?
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