Kevin Chong

Kevin Chong is the author of Baroque-a-Nova, Neil Young Nation, and the recently released Beauty Plus Pity.  He's written for BC Business Magazine, Vancouver Magazine and The Walrus Magazine.  He edits Joyland: a Hub for Short Fiction and teaches creative writing at UBC.

Beauty Plus Pity: excerpt of a new novel by Kevin Chong

 Who’d pick a funeral to meet your long-lost sister? A funeral or the sudden arrival of a family member—either would be shitty enough, but that morning, my head felt encased in bubble wrap, my...

Asian, but not an Asian author

My first novel, Baroque-a-Nova, came out ten years ago.  In 2001, I was turning 26 and only a year out of grad school.  I had come back from to Vancouver from New York City because I didn’t...