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Katrina Roberto

Katrina Roberto is a writer who loves crafting exciting stories. She graduated from U of T where she studied English and Journalism.  Her interests include health, culture and green living. She is a contributing writer for Green Girls and Ethical Deal.  Katrina is currently trying to do her Italian name justice by teaching herself the language. She resides in Vancouver with her partner and massive kitty.


Aug 14th, 2012
The real story of Jennifer Aniston's engagement to her beau Justin Thereoux is the story of a successful actress in her 40s getting married, for legitimate reasons. Instead, we must suffer the...
Aug 14th, 2012
CAQ leader Francois Legault negatively compared the Quebec's young population to Asian kids. The QC premier hopeful said that young Quebeckers ought to learn a thing from hard-working Asians.
Aug 9th, 2012
Brainboost Education's trademark offerings are great tutors and an exciting intellectual environment. Now Brainboost teams up with Ebus Academy for an adult ed program.
Aug 9th, 2012
Suffering from baby overload? The inventors of apparently were. is a new chrome extension that permanently deletes babies from your Facebook newsfeed by seeking for words such as...
Aug 9th, 2012
MagScene on Main is an interactive art event that features local publications along Main Street in establishments and cultural spaces. From skateboard culture to the local music scene, MagScene on...
Aug 7th, 2012
Imagine a fundraising website with all the benefits of Kickstarter or Indiegogo, but doesn't take a cut: it sounds like a non-profit organization's (NPO) dream. This type of...
Aug 1st, 2012
At the London 2012 Olympics, British Columbian athletes captured silver and bronze medals today, prompting provincial Sport Minister Ida Chong to comment that it was a "glorious day for Canadian...
Jul 27th, 2012
Olympic swimmer and medalist Leisel Jones was called fat by Australian media, resulting in a serious backlash online. When will the media learn to stop policing female athlete's bodies?
Jul 25th, 2012
If you thought Vancouver only needs baristas and Lululemon sales associates, think again: check out the five strangest part-time job postings in Vancouver.
Stressed Graduate
Jul 24th, 2012
Having difficulty finding your way after graduation is no new trend. Just watch Dustin Hoffman float around his pool in The Graduate (1967). As a young person and a recent university graduate, I've...
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