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Karen Mahon


Feb 5th, 2010
Do Karen and Robert give this film a pass? (Read more)
Nov 12th, 2009
Karen and Robert give their verdicts on the film, An Education. Read More.
Oct 19th, 2009
Karen – Thumbs Up.  I laughed and laughed and laughed some more. I had to try and stop laughing because I was so loud and I didn’t want my neighbours to throw their popcorn at me. Now...
Oct 13th, 2009
Robert’s rating:  Thumbs up. Poetic.  Ahh, 1818.  An exquisite year for the characters in Bright Star and masterfully rendered both visually and atmospherically for the audience by...
Sep 27th, 2009
He said, she said. Robert MacCleod and Karen Mahon rate a film.
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