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Karen Chan

Karen Chan is an  illustrator.  See more of her work at and enjoy her political cartoons here.


Sep 1st, 2011
Day 1: 450 Granville Street at West Hastings. I often pass One Tree Coffee on the bus and I  see a man with a shock of white hair. He is more of a giant than a man. I try to introduce myself,...
Aug 30th, 2010
What happens when you add artists, musicians and dancers together and stir the mix?
May 25th, 2010
Local band Kutiapira had some spontaneous fun this past weekend performing downtown on Granville.
Mar 1st, 2010
Thank God for Canada's social safety net...
Feb 19th, 2010
"It was a bad boy at the Opening Ceremonies."
Feb 17th, 2010
Olympic Fans or Fish? Sometimes it's hard to tell when commuting around Vancouver during the 2010 Winter Games...
Jan 18th, 2010
Gordon's got the mittens, but does Gregor have the Games? Stay tuned over the next weeks as we track the two very different leaders of in cartoons...
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