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Justice Marshall

Justice Marshall is a father, husband, brother and son with an enduring passion for truth.


Feb 11th, 2012
Richard Heinberg opens the 2012 World Community Film Festival with a message of hopeful possibility in the face of an ending growth economy.
Feb 9th, 2012
Loblaws Chairman Galen Weston backpedaled in the aftermath of Tuesday's offhand comment that farmers' markets will one day "kill some people."   Weston’s hypocrisy is obvious. Aside...
Feb 7th, 2012
Stories about farm life, family and community on Salt Spring Island are a poignant and funny read, even for those with no interest or experience in agriculture.
Feb 3rd, 2012
What's a more effective alternative to taxing high-sugar junk food? The answer is surprisingly simple.
Nov 7th, 2011
I don’t want to unwittingly promote controversial cancer screening to the male masses. And I don't want to be a cause-marketing dupe for companies (and industries) that do not reflect my values.
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