Jordan Yerman

Jordan has been writing and editing for the web for over half a decade, reaching millions of readers. He has also written long-form fiction and nonfiction. While attending UC San Diego for his degree in Political Science, Jordan picked up acting; he would later attend the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, living in the UK for four years before relocating to New York City. To get by, he has worked as a proofreader, model, technical consultant, HR trainer, sign-placer, sales director, crate stacker, bartender, photographer, real estate broker, and as an exhibit at the Bronx Museum. As an actor, Jordan has performed in the USA,  England,  Scotland,  Germany,  Belgium,  and Netherlands; from stage to indie screen to voiceover, including London's West End.

Jordan has been around the world 2 3/4 times. He was last seen as Editorial Director for Vancouver's own NowPublic. He currently lives in Vancouver and works in New Media. He loves skiing,  snowboarding, cycling,  running, and pub quizzes. 

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