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Jonathan Ross


Jun 17th, 2010
Meatheads that wear the kind of apparel pictured in the photo above and hate on gays and others is not exclusive to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)  audience. Was this ...
Jan 27th, 2010
Not all Vancouver cab companies have the same level of quality control in the leadup to the Olympics. Last week's CTV story on the lack of knowledge on Olympic venue locations by cabbies was...
Dec 22nd, 2009
If only we all acted like sheep, VANOC's promises of blue skies would undoubtedly come true.
Dec 18th, 2009
Final budget protects homelessness and environment programs; restores library funding.
Dec 14th, 2009
Retiring Toronto City Councillor Kyle Rae is sick and tired of the hopeless fiscal situation of municipalities. The political retirement of veteran Toronto City Councillor Kyle Rae is not...
Dec 8th, 2009
  I think that it is a huge development for Vancouver Police Department Chief Jim Chu to in essence state that he will not be enforcing BC Minister of Housing and Social Development Rich...
Dec 3rd, 2009
A magnificent structure on the Vancouver landscape that has been badly neglected for many successive incarnations of the Park Board.
Nov 21st, 2009
  Before I delve into the issue of Northeast False Creek (NEFC), I want to indicate that the concept of density, which was at the heart of former Mayor Sam Sullivan’s EcoDensity initiative, is...
Nov 18th, 2009
Some completely false allegations have been made about Vancouver Councillor Kerry Jang’s removal from the board of the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM).  I want to clear up the misconceptions...
Nov 17th, 2009
Anton is tackling the important issues at City Hall It is so refreshing to finally have a City Councillor tackling the tough issues at City Hall. Kerry Jang? Well he has been tied up with petty...
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