Jenny Uechi

Jenny Uechi is Managing Director of Observer Media Group.  She is Managing Editor of National Observer.

Kiwi Jihadi Mark Taylor

Canadian firm caught New Zealand ISIS jihadist's blunder on twitter

An Ontario-based open source intelligence research group, iBRABO, exposed a New Zealand ISIS fighter who was unwittingly broadcasting his location in Syria on twitter. Mark...
Naomi Klein photo by Ed Kashi

Naomi Klein on fracking, Indigenous rights and Canada's federal election

Naomi Klein's book This Changes Everything, synthesizes much that environmentalists have been warning about the social, environmental, political consequences of climate change. Her thesis...
Photo by G. Couch

"The New Creation Story" by Andrew Beath a powerful read on ecological consciousness

A dense, information-rich book, Andrew Beath's The New Creation Story is well worth reading for people who are interested in the large scale shift that civilization is undergoing today as a...
Photo of Linda Solomon Wood and David Suzuki on Burnaby Mountain by Mychaylo Pry

David Suzuki: "People are desperate and need to put their bodies on the line"

One of the biggest highlights of the Vancouver Observer's news coverage this year was the fiery, impassioned speech that Canadian environmental icon David Suzuki gave at the Kinder Morgan ...

Wealth gap in Canada far worse than people think

Canadians vastly underestimate the wealth gap in Canada and want a much more balanced distribution, according to The Wealth Gap, a new report by the Broadbent Institute. According to the poll of...
Oil sands photo by Andrew S. Wright

Harper government leaves $321 million for green programs unspent, while overspending on oil and gas

The federal government neglected to spend $300 million in Parliament-approved funding for “environmentally responsible” programs last year, while overspending on programs to support the oil and gas...

'Stuff your stockings with B.C. coal': Provincial Mining Minister says in Christmas message

In an unusual news release titled "Stuff your stockings with B.C. coal", the provincial government urged British Columbians to keep coal in mind as one of the things to be grateful about...
Left: Science World CEO Brian Tisdall. Right: Tracker Productions' Les McDonald

CEO explains why Science World is taking part in BC's LNG seminars [VIDEO]

In a video interview, Science World CEO Bryan Tisdall explained that taking part in the B.C. government's LNG seminars is consistent with Science World's mission to educate the public about science...
Photo of oil sands by Andrew S. Wright

Canadian government takes legal action against Alberta First Nation famous for battling oil sands

Athabasca Chipewyan among six First Nations being taken to court for defying a government order to publish audited financial statements online.
Friends of Science global warming ad

Richard Littlemore rips into Friends of Science's "dangerous" climate denial

As the protests against Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain pipeline expansion raged on Burnaby Mountain, a curious ad denying fossil fuel-driven climate change appeared on the Tinseltown...