Jenny Uechi

Jenny Uechi is Managing Director of Observer Media Group, and Managing Editor of The Vancouver Observer.

Vancouver to call on federal government for open hearings in Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion review

Mayor supports economist Robyn Allan's motion to make hearings more transparent.

Sacred Web Conference contemplates the role of religion in a secular age

Art will play a big role in bringing a sense of the sacred back to people's lives, revered Muslim scholar Seyyed Hossein Nasr said.

Neil Young, Rueben George and Daryl Hannah fire up crowd at anti-Keystone XL protest in Washington

Rock legend Neil Young and Sundance Chief from the Tsleil-Waututh Nation, Rueben George, rallied thousands against the controversial oil pipeline.

Cowboy and Indian Alliance protests Keystone XL pipeline in Washington

An alliance of First Nations, farmers and ranchers take Washington by horseback.

Elizabeth May slams Harper government's treatment of humpback whales

Is the move a retaliation against the federal court's decision in favour of environmental groups?

Saskatchewan restaurant at centre of temporary foreign worker controversy issues statement

Brother's Classic Grill and Pizza, the restaurant flooded with angry complaints over replacing veteran servers with temporary foreign workers, defends itself in a statement.
Vote Yes Vote No signs - Kitimat plebiscite - Mychaylo Prystupa

Kitimat Council votes 4-1 to oppose Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline

The District of Kitimat Council voted April 22 to formally oppose the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline, upholding the recent town plebiscite to reject the controversial pipeline. Mayor Joanne...

Obama delays Keystone XL decision, again

The announcement comes days after prominent Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, including former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, urged the Obama administration to reject the pipeline.

Laureen Harper dismisses missing Indigenous women issue while speaking at cat video festival (VIDEO)

"If you'd like to donate to animals, we'd love to take your money," Harper shot back at an audience member who interrupted her speech at an cat video festival in Toronto.

On Charter's 32nd anniversary, Lost Canadians continue to be denied citizenship rights

Some legitimate Canadians -- including some First Nations individuals -- continued to be denied citizenship based on arbitrary factors such as their parent's gender.