Jenny Uechi

Jenny Uechi is Managing Director of Observer Media Group, and Managing Editor of The Vancouver Observer.

Haggis and bagpipes at Vancouver's Floata Chinese Restaurant

Locals enjoy the Vancouver-only experience of eating traditional Scottish haggis in a historic Chinese restaurant.

Gung Haggis Fat Choy: photos

At the annual Gung Haggis Fat Choy, Floata Restaurant in Chinatown became a sea of Scottish kilts and shimmering Cheongsam dresses. The event, now a famed tradition (celebrated also in...

Port Authority approval for Neptune coal export expansion draws sharp criticism

Citizen's advocacy group Voters Taking Action on Climate Change had strong words for the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority's approval of coal export expansion, condemning it in a news release...

Support BC's film industry, not just natural resources: Save BC Film organizer

Oil pipeline proposals such as the Enbridge Northern Gateway promise $1.2 billion in tax revenue to BC over 30 years. The BC film industry generates that amount in one year, ...

French soldier's "Call of Duty" look in Mali draws fire on social media

French military spokesperson calls soldier's "Ghost" mask "unacceptable".

Ridge Theatre closing in February, after 63 years of enriching Vancouver film culture

It's another sad day for movie buffs: one of Vancouver's most storied independent movie theatres, The Ridge, will be closing its doors on February 3, Festival Cinemas announced today in a press...

The measure of a woman and the length of her skirt

If a "proper" girl wears a short skirt above the knees, does it mean she's "asking for it"?

Idle No More protest in UK to target Canadian tar sands

The Idle No More movement is going international: today, it staged a blockade of the busiest border crossing in North America. Tomorrow, it will pair up with activists and a prominent business to...

What people said at the Northern Gateway Joint Review Panel hearings in Vancouver

Enbridge Joint Review Panel once again heard from Vancouver intervenors today who spoke eloquently and passionately, some in tears, others fuming with anger.

Enbridge protest in Victory Square takes aim at Harper government's environmental policies

Around 1,000 rallied in Victory Square in downtown Vancouver against the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline today. Bolstered by the support of Idle No More and Downtown Eastside...