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Jenny Uechi

Jenny Uechi is Senior Reporter and Managing Editor of The Vancouver Observer.


Apr 29th, 2012
Most Canadians have never seen it, but the American Petroleum Institute (API) has been running ads in the U.S. promoting Alberta's oil sands as a tool for creating American jobs. The ad features...
Apr 28th, 2012
Why are the Tea Party billionaires from the U.S. messing around in Canada?
Apr 25th, 2012 executive director Jamie Biggar recalled how his organization became the torch-bearers for electoral cooperation to defeat Prime Minister Stephen Harper. "It was like we had...
Apr 23rd, 2012
The Vancouver Observer publisher Linda Solomon joined a distinguished panel of media specialists to talk about institutionalized misogyny.
Apr 22nd, 2012
Festival Cinemas president Leonard Schein has helped shape Vancouver culture over the years, and sets an example for others by giving back to the community.
Apr 19th, 2012
Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney has finally made an apology over the government's mismanagement of the Lost Canadians -- legitimate Canadians who have been denied citizenship due to...
Apr 17th, 2012
Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s decision to gut environmental regulations shows that the Conservative government has has "declared war on the environment", according to Joyce Murray, Member...
Apr 13th, 2012
Shah Rukh Khan laughs off his (second) U.S. airport detention, saying the "immigration guys kick the star out of stardom."
Apr 12th, 2012
Caine Monroy, a nine-year-old with an exceptional imagination, has won over hearts around the world with his elaborate cardboard arcade.
Apr 11th, 2012
On Redditt today, readers had a strong reaction to David Ball's story on Republican's popping up in Canada to knock on doors for Tory candidates.
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