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Jenny Uechi

Jenny Uechi is Senior Reporter and Managing Editor of The Vancouver Observer.


Feb 20th, 2014
Citizenship Minister Christopher Alexander fielded difficult questions on Tuesday about citizenship and new restrictions on immigration.
Feb 19th, 2014
Nebraska judge throws out a state law that gave a Nebraska Governor the power to push the Keystone XL pipeline through private lands.
Feb 17th, 2014
Canada's energy board turns down request from top U.S. environmental watchdog.
Feb 13th, 2014
"I cried when I was reading the (new citizenship) bill. I want to jump for joy, but I'm afraid to allow myself that until I can hold my citizenship card in my hand," said Jackie Scott...
Feb 10th, 2014
The stabbing death is Vancouver's first homicide of 2014.
Feb 6th, 2014
Citizenship Minister Christopher Alexander introduced "Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act" today, a long-awaited bill with some provisions intended to restore citizenship to Lost...
Feb 4th, 2014
"Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers Postmedia 2013 Energy Channel Sponsorship": this was the title of a Prezi presentation. The presentation came to light on twitter today, on the same...
Feb 3rd, 2014
Keystone XL State Department report controversy: "The best environmental report that money could buy."
Jan 26th, 2014
People packed into the SAP Canada building in Yaletown on Thursday night for a wonderful evening with David Van Seters,  president of Sustainability Ventures and pioneer of the "shared...
Jan 25th, 2014
A harrowing, inspiring look at Egypt's revolution which started three years ago on this day.
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