Jenny Uechi

Jenny Uechi is Senior Reporter and Managing Editor of The Vancouver Observer.

TransCanada temporarily shuts down southern leg of Keystone XL

The shut-down comes on the heels of pipeline safety regulators adding new construction requirements for Keystone XL.

A life cut short in Fort McMurray raises questions about cancer rates near oil sands

Syncrude manager Barbara Jewers' tragic death may be linked to years of oil sands exposure, say doctor and surviving partner.

Conservative Party email complains about CBC "bias"

A fundraising email from Tory political operations director Fred DeLorey today spoke to Conservative Party supporters about CBC's bias against the Party. Text below: 

Conservatives defend suppression of debate

Opposition MP asks why the government doesn't just "tape every single mouth in this House" when presented with new time limits to debate the new citizenship bill.

California shootings reveal troubled culture

"I needed to feel worthy as a male. For so long I have felt worthless, and it's all girls' fault."

LNG promises an election "gimmick": Grand Chief

Grand Chief Stewart Phillip said it was "life changing and heart-breaking" to see how fracking was impacting northeastern BC.

Teachers to start rotating strike next week

The latest in an ongoing dispute between the province and BC teachers.

Harper announces $252 million "National Conservation Plan"

Two years after the controversial omnibus bills, the Conservative government seems to be devoting more funds to environmental conservation. But is it enough?

How progressive businesses can use their power in politics

"You guys have to gussy up, tuck in your shirts, get a suit, go to Washington and talk about climate change."

Update: 10,000 gallons of oil spill in Los Angeles suburb, businesses evacuated

"Oil is knee-high in some areas," the fire department said. "A handful of commercial businesses are affected."