Jenny Uechi

Jenny Uechi is Senior Reporter and Managing Editor of The Vancouver Observer.

First Nations drummers on street after Northern Gateway decision - Mychaylo Prys

First Nations vow to bury Enbridge Northern Gateway in court

"We don't throw around the threat of litigation or protests lightly," said the Haida Nation president. "This is the time we will take the biggest stand of our lives."

Harper government approves Enbridge Northern Gateway in news release

Federal Natural Resources Minister Greg Rickford announced the decision on the deeply controversial Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline in a new release this afternoon. Neither were available for...
Natural Resource Minister Greg Rickford - Mychaylo Prystupa

Harper government okays Northern Gateway, over intense BC opposition

Aboriginal, northern, environmental and citizens groups are now gearing up for intense legal and protest actions to stop the pipeline, despite its federal approval.

BC landowner "crushed" by NEB's stonewalling on Kinder Morgan expansion

"I was crushed when I left the NEB building."

Harper government looks set to approve Enbridge Northern Gateway: Bloomberg

After all the grief Harper has given Obama on Keystone XL, a rejection or delay of Enbridge Northern Gateway looks unlikely.

Government may delay decision on Enbridge Northern Gateway: Rickford

The 209 conditions take a long time to consider, says Rickford.

Senator's speech praising "green" Fort McMurray goes viral

Senator praises Fort McMurray as an urban and environmentally conscious community.

Shootings at Yaletown and Science World

The latest in a spate of shootings that happened over past week.

Friends of Science billboard blames climate change on the sun

Friends of Science, a group that has long challenged the view that human activity is connected to global warming, has put up a billboard ad in Calgary blaming climate change on the sun.  "The...

"So, where in God's name is public health?" doctor asks, as toxic mercury levels in tarsands revealed

Study reviewed and published in Environmental Science and Technology journal suggests oil sands are "source of airborne (mercury) emissions to local landscapes and water bodies."