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Jason Feng

Jason is a freelance writer who spends his spare time singing karaoke and worshipping the Montreal Canadiens.


Apr 13th, 2011
There was nothing like going to work at the casino at 5:55am with my black Tim Horton's coffee and seeing people (some in a zombie-like state) there. Don't they sleep? How long have they been there?...
Apr 8th, 2011
“I lost $1000 but they gave me a free buffet so that‘s OK”. That is the heart of what goes on in Las Vegas. The hotels and casinos in Sin City give out more “comps” than any other city in the world (...
Apr 6th, 2011
 I was in the office when I got a phone call from one of the supervisors in the pit. "It smells like s--t out here". At the time I did not take the call literally, so I asked her to clarify. "...
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