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Howard Eaton

Howard Eaton developed a life-long interest in education, learning differences and disabilities as a result of his own struggles with Dyslexia, diagnosed when he was in Grade 2. He received early remediation and had charismatic adults in his life that guided him towards possibilities and not failure. He completed his B.A. in Psychology at UBC and went on to earn a M.Ed. at Boston University in Special Education. As well, he has been fortunate to work as a Sessional Instructor at UBC in the Department of Educational Psychology and Special Education teaching courses on Learning Disabilities to teachers in training. He has given numerous presentations and workshops at both public and private schools in North America. Howard has started five schools in the Lower Mainland. He is the founder of the Eaton Arrowsmith Schools in Vancouver, Surrey and Victoria, the Magnussen School and Eaton Cognitive Improvement Centre both in Vancouver. He is also the author of Brain School: Stories of Children with Learning Disorders Who Changed Their Lives By Improving Their Cognitive Functioning. He is the father of three children. He lives in Vancouver, BC, with his wife, Karen.

Find out more at Howard's Educational Neuorscience Blog and follow him on twitter @brainchange

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Jan 31st, 2012
Links from Howard Eaton's education blog, "How to make teenagers to read a book." Story Proof: The Science Behind The Startling Power of Story--Book by Kendall Haven Reading Kafka 'enhances cognitive...
Jan 30th, 2012
Educator Howard Eaton gives useful advice on how reading impacts the young mind, and more importantly, how to encourage teenagers to pick up a book.
Jan 23rd, 2012
How many hours of video games are too many for children? A prominent educator offers an in-depth answer to a worried parent's question about children, teenagers and video games.
Jun 13th, 2011
 Back at the hotel after walking through thousands of happy Bruin fans.  Reminded me of after Game 5 in Vancouver.  Fans were high fiving each other and cars honking their horns....
Jun 12th, 2011
Sports Extra news on Boston TV discussing upcoming game. Luongo called insecure and the team quitters by sports broadcasters. Lots of trash talking by local sports experts.
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