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Graham Anderson

Graham Anderson is a bike guy. Given the chance, he would probably cycle around all day long. Actually, he is planning a social enterprise that will involve doing just that.

Graham is passionate about Vancouver, civic politics, local transportation solutions and building happy, healthy communities. He is currently finishing his degree in Dialogue, Sustainable Community Development, and Economics at Simon Fraser University.


Apr 5th, 2014
The IPCC Report released this past week paints a bleak picture for the global climate in the 21st century. A range of human impacts are predicted, including food shortages, droughts, extreme weather...
Mar 12th, 2011
 I look out the window each day to a sea of concrete. One full city block, 72 parking spaces, always empty. I’ve been studying at SFU Harbour Centre in Downtown Vancouver for the last few months...
Oct 18th, 2010
I don’t get angry at motorists anymore. My daily bike commute used to include road rage conflicts with drivers who cut me off, honked incessantly or drove-by too closely. Things could escalate into...
Feb 17th, 2010
Vancouver's Newest Bike Route? Earlier this month, Vancouver council unanimously approved a motion to create a new two-way separated bike route on the Dunsmuir viaduct. The city is also moving...
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