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Evi Vassious

Evi is a lover of life’s beauty and sound and is intrigued by patterns. Her involvement through creative expression such as dance, theatre, movies, music, visual arts, culinary arts, writing and fashion (to name a few), have allowed her to stay focused on her passions. Meditation, compassion, respect and love also drive her through her journey and allow her to stay true to her purpose. An entertainer, philanthropist and philosopher from as young as she can remember, she is inspired by seeing others smile and is very happy to care and share. One of her fondest memories growing up in Greece was talking to the elders of the community as they shared with her their history, wisdom and traditions. Evi has a curious mind and is multidimensional with many talents, interests and aspirations. At the moment she is pursuing her dancing, acting and singing career and wishes to become an ambassador for Vancouver's multicultural community and create bridges to showcase cultural diversity through the arts.

Evi has been teaching Greek folk dances for over 17 years and is currently working with the Hellenic Community of BC where she shares her passion and enthusiasm for dance, culture, music and tradition with the community. She is a an interviewer/writer for the Community Arts Council of Vancouver, a community outreach worker with the East Van Love tweetup, East of Main and a contributor with the news team at Co-op Radio 100.5 FM. In her spare time, you’ll find Evi at the library reading and researching anything she is involved in or inspired by. Evi likes to explore and usually finds adventures wherever she goes. You’ll also find her on the dance floor, using music and movement to feel her heartbeat which keeps her young.

Random facts: Evi loves unicorns, rainbows, hugs and high-fives.

Find out more about Evi by visiting her website or following her on twitter @cosmopoliqueen.



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