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Emma Gilchrist

Emma Gilchrist is a writer and citizen engagement specialist based in Victoria, B.C. She grew up in northern Alberta and studied journalism in Calgary before becoming a writer and editor for the Calgary Herald, where she created an award-winning column and website on environmental issues.

Since 2011, Emma has been the Communications Director for Dogwood Initiative, a public interest group working to help British Columbians have more say in decisions about their air, land and water.

Her work has appeared in publications across Canada, including the Calgary Herald, the Globe and Mail, Up! Magazine and the Financial Post.


Oiled bird
Jan 13th, 2013
Oil spill experts tell National Energy Board panel that Enbridge's oil tanker and pipeline proposal is too risky.
Jan 6th, 2013
Enbridge review panel told a single oil spill could devastate B.C.'s $14 billion a year tourism industry.
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