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Elianna Lev

Elianna Lev is a writer, broadcaster, podcaster and storyteller. Basically she likes to hear her voice and see her byline. Elianna can be professional when you need her to be: She's done work for Dazed and Confused, Gourmet, Vice, Globe and Mail, and CBC, amongst others. She learned everything she knows about journalism in her three years spent as a reporter/editor for the Canadian Press. Recently, Elianna decided to stop being so professional and do more fun projects. She credits Howard Stern, Nardwuar, Bruce LaBruce and Mary Lou Finlay for helping her find her voice. Vancouver is her home.


Mar 17th, 2010
She's a lot more to me than just my first girl kiss.
Mar 10th, 2010
We were the odd ones out at J-school. But that's okay.
Mar 3rd, 2010
After someone tried to hijack my song during karaoke, I decided some guidelines were in order.
Feb 24th, 2010
During my big Olympic weekend out, I came across some truly Canadian moments.
Feb 17th, 2010
Feb 10th, 2010
An inaccuracy in last week's column lead to something pretty magical.
Feb 3rd, 2010
It is in my blood to love the CBC forever.
Jan 27th, 2010
I'm obsessed with the spectacle that is the Wendy Williams Show. But my friend Rukiya Bernard wants nothing to do with the drama.
Jan 20th, 2010
The ex-girlfriend syndrome is a mental condition that leads you to hate on the girl who's dating your ex. Two women who dated the same guy try to understand why.
Jan 13th, 2010
The A&W guy is by far the most famous person I know. His name is Ryan.
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