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Dermod Travis

Dermod Travis is the executive director of IntegrityBC.


Mar 10th, 2014
It would be tough to miss the ad, particularly if you're trying to watch anything online. The one where WorkBC tells us that “BC's growing economy will lead to one million job openings by 2020.”...
Aug 28th, 2013
Garbage, or to use the more politically correct term, waste, is big business. Really big. It can also be a messy business, particularly when politicians get involved. So no big surprise then that the...
Nov 19th, 2012
IntegrityBC is calling on the BC government to recommit to its 2009 ban on non-essential government advertising in the four months prior to voting day.   The organization made the call...
Nov 13th, 2012
Ninety-eight per cent of donations to Port Coquitlam council came from unions and corporations.
Aug 20th, 2012
The BC government shouldn't have needed an audit to know that something was amiss at ICBC, especially when much of the waste was literally staring them in the face if they'd just taken a cursory peek...
Aug 17th, 2012
They failed the first time, but that hasn't deterred the BC government from trying yet again to put a sock in the mouths of community organizations, chambers of commerce, unions and other groups.
Jul 13th, 2012
Pity Jack Lew, President Barack Obama's White House Chief of Staff, the highest ranking employee inside the Executive Office of the President of the United States. Earning a paltry $172,200 a year,...
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